How To Overcome Intra-Uterine Adhesions Naturally And Regain Your Fertility

Explained in details below is a natural remedy guaranteed to help you get rid of Intrauterine Adhesion/Asherman’s Syndrome naturally with no side effect

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What Actually Are Intrauterine Adhesions?

Intrauterine adhesions/scarring or synechiae, is an acquired uterine condition, characterised by the formation of adhesions (scar tissue) inside the uterus and/or the cervix. In many cases, the front and back walls of the uterus stick to one another. In other cases, adhesions only occur in a small portion of the uterus. The extent of the adhesions defines whether the case is mild, moderate, or severe. The adhesions can be thin or thick, spotty in location, or confluent.

The inside of the uterus is like a pocket with the front and back walls flat against each other. The pocket (i.e. uterus) is lined with tissue called endometrium. During menstruation, the superficial (topmost) layer of the endometrium is shed. When a woman becomes pregnant, the embryo implants in the endometrium.

Injury (due to surgery or other medical procedures) to and/or infection of the endometrium may damage the uterine lining and cause formation of adhesions (scar tissue) between the inner walls of the uterus.

Asherman’s Syndrome is the term used to describe adhesions inside the uterus. The scarring can be mild with thin stretchy bands of scar tissue or more severe with formation of thick bands. In the most severe cases, partial or total destruction of the inside of the uterus can occur.

Causes of Asherman’s Syndrome

The most common cause of intrauterine adhesions is injury following a surgical procedure involving the cavity of the uterus such as in fibroid surgeries, D&C and co. Dilatation and curettage (D&C) is a common outpatient surgical procedure during which the cervix (neck of the uterus) is opened and the tissue contents of the uterus are emptied.

Intrauterine adhesions may form following a D&C performed for pregnancy complications such as uterine bleeding following childbirth or miscarriage, or less commonly, for other gynaecological problems that involve the uterus.

Other possible causes of adhesion formation are infections of the uterine lining (endometritis), removal of fibroids in the cavity of the uterus and endometrial ablation (a surgical procedure that is used to intentionally damage the uterine lining to eliminate menstrual periods or make periods lighter).

Surgical Procedures That May Lead To Asherman’s Syndrome

  • D&C for miscarriage, incomplete or missed
  • D&C for retained placenta
  • Suction method D&C
  • Hysteroscopic myomectomy (removal of submucosal uterine fibroids bulging into uterine cavity)
  • Cesarean section
  • Uterine artery embolization (procedure to block blood flow to uterine fibroids, with the intent to shrink them)
  • Vacuum procedure performed for abortion, this rarely happens
  • IUD (intrauterine device birth control), this rarely happens

Non-Surgical Procedures That May Cause Asherman’s Syndrome

  • Retained placenta requiring manual removal
  • Uterine packing with gauze to prevent postpartum hemorrhage
  • Douching with a caustic chemical to induce abortion
  • Endometrial tuberculosis
  • Pelvic irradiation for cancer treatment

What Symptoms Are Associated With Asherman’s Syndrome?

A woman with intrauterine adhesions may have no obvious problems. Many women, however, may experience menstrual abnormalities such as absent, light or infrequent periods.

Other women may be unable to achieve pregnancy or may experience recurrent miscarriages. They may also experience complications at the time of delivery due to abnormal implantation of the placenta.

Less commonly, if the scar tissue blocks menstrual blood flow, Asherman’s syndrome can cause pelvic pain or painful menstrual periods.

How Is Asherman’s Syndrome Diagnosed?

Asherman’s syndrome can be diagnosed by hysteroscopy, hysterosalpingogram (HSG), or sonohysterogram (SHG).

Hysteroscopy is the most accurate method to evaluate intrauterine adhesions and it is a procedure in which a thin, telescope-like instrument is inserted through the cervix to allow the doctor to see directly inside the uterus.

HSG and SHG are useful screening tests for adhesions. HSG is an x-ray procedure during which a dye that can be seen on x-ray is placed into the uterine cavity so that the shape of the inside of the uterus can be seen. During a saline ultrasound (SHG), a salt solution similar to normal body fluid is infused through the cervix into the uterus and a sonogram machine is used to see the uterine cavity. In both HSG and SHG, the adhesions are seen as “filling defects,” spaces where the fluid does not flow freely.

How Is Asherman’s Syndrome Treated?

Surgical removal of intrauterine adhesions with hysteroscopic guidance is one way to treat Asherman’s syndrome. A special operating hysteroscope is used to cut away the scar tissue. This is frequently done under anaesthesia. Following removal of the adhesions, many surgeons recommend temporarily placing a device, such as a plastic catheter, inside the uterus to keep the walls of the uterus apart and to prevent adhesions from reforming.

Hormonal treatment with oestrogen and NSAIDs are frequently prescribed after surgery to lessen the chance of reformation of adhesions. In severe cases, more than one attempt at surgical removal of the adhesions may be necessary.

This is another danger most women are running away from. Post-surgery complications are still there and there is no guarantee on the outcome. The reproductive system may be severely damaged too.

Treatment with oestrogen is also another problem as excess oestrogen in the body may promote fibroid growth and obesity which will be issues the woman might have to battle with again after overcoming adhesions through surgery.

Natural Remedy For Ashaman’s Syndrome

If you don’t want to suffer all the aforementioned, there is a better option and that’s the             Asherman Syndrome/Intrauterine Adhesion Remedy Kit by Plan B Wellness Centre.

This is the same package we have used to treat a lot of women naturally to get rid of adhesion without surgery and with no side effects.

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Treating adhesion with this Kit will help you repair the intrauterine lining of your uterus and restore your fertility fully. The adhesions will be removed naturally and the uterus will regain it’s natural form. Your uterus will be able to shed the endometrial lining again during menstruation – meaning that your menstruation will be fully restored without any form of pain.

It is almost impossible to conceive with some cases of adhesion. But with this Kit, you will be able to conceive naturally after getting rid of the scar tissues.

While on this treatment, you will be seeing signs to confirm that the treatment is working for you and your hope will be fully restored about your fertility.

What Does The Kit Contain And How Does The Treatment Work?

Details of the content of the Asherman’s Syndrome Remedy Kit is given below as well as the mechanism of operation (how it works to help you remove adhesions);

Herbal Medicine

Contained in the Kit  are herbal drugs. These herbal drugs help the body to break-down and prevent scar tissue formation. The herbal drugs work as biological response modifiers; working with the bodies own immune defence system to moderate inflammatory response in the following ways;

  • They support cleansing of the tissues, promote better circulation.
  • They break down and remove “fibrin”, the make-up of prolonged inflammation and scar tissue/adhesion formation.
  • They break down the proteins in the blood that cause inflammation, this facilitates their removal via the lymphatic and circulatory system.
  • They help to break up scar tissue/adhesion formation
  • Help the uterus to rid itself of old stagnant blood and tissues
  • Bring fresh oxygenated blood to the uterus
  • Help to strengthen the uterine muscles
  • Help the body to loosen tight or twisted tissues

Fertility Cleansing

This is a very important aspect of the entire treatment. This is to ensure that your reproductive system gets rid of the unwanted debris as much as possible to give room for healing and fertility improvement.

Anti-Inflammation Recipe

To help you prevent the reoccurrence of adhesion in any form, our special anti-inflammatory recipe is what to use. This is made from common fruits and herbs that have proven to be highly beneficial in cases of adhesions that we have handled successfully. The recipe will be entirely handed over to you (from the ingredients, to preparation and usage) and you can make use of it at any point in time.

With this holistic approach, be rest assured that your struggle against Intra-uterine Adhesion/Asherman’s Syndrome is over. 

Order For The Asherman’s Syndrome/Intrauterine Adhesion Remedy Kit Now!

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Treatment Duration – 4 months

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