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Hello and good day to you. We are happy to bring to your notice the news of our next FREE HEALTH TALK/MEDICAL CHECK-UP that will take place this weekend. The last edition was in 2 sessions, both fully attended by our patients and followers.

We received testimonies from our current patients who attended the Talk. The attendees also learnt new things about their health and natural wellbeing and we also answered a lot of questions from participants. 

Most importantly, we carried out free medical check-up on all attendees and their result was sent to them via email with detailed report, explanations and recommendations on diets and supplements. 

So, if you missed the last one, this is an opportunity for you too to benefit from this arrangement. 


As part of our 2015 plan to help as many people as possible achieve good health in the best natural form, we are glad to announce another session of our FREE HEALTH TALK/MEDICAL CHECK-UP which is slated to come up as explained below.



This event, which will take place at LASUTH, Ikeja-Lagos, is one of the numerous ways we have highlighted in 2015 to give back to our clients, readers and fans in general. We realize that some issues concerning your health are better discussed physically with an expert. This is why we are bringing this opportunity up for YOU!

The event is absolutely FREE but all intending participants will need to register below to book a seat. You can also forward this to others to benefit from it – It is FREE!

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What You Will Like To Learn On That Day

Health, as observed by World Health Organization (WHO) and held by public opinion is the greatest wealth. Sadly, there are many factors working against us from having sound health.

These include poor diet, stress, lack of adequate rest, appropriate exercise and many other more. At the peak of the list is lack of adequate information and knowledge about our diet and the eventual effect on our health. These militating factors have reduced our health status from vibrant zone to the sick zone which has been scientifically proven.

It has also been confirmed through the development and popularity of various diseases now that were not known or common 30 – 50 years back. Something needs to be done, and it should be done fast!

The world is fast losing the health battle to deadly and chronic diseases. Furthermore, research has shown that average Life Expectancy in Nigeria is fast declining due to factors that can be greatly controlled by us. One of such factors is our DIET. Thus, there is a great need for everyone to acquire the right and adequate information required to save ourselves and our loved ones from losing the health battle.


This is for everyone, no matter what your health condition is, make it a date with our Medical Experts on Saturday to equip yourself, Free of Charge, with the right knowledge you need about your diet and how to use it to regain your health.


VENUE – Conference Room, BT Diagnostic Center, Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos

DATE – 7th February, 2014

TIME – 2 – 4pm

GATE FEE – Free (but attendance is strictly by seat reservation)

RSVP – 08099666650

Seat Reservation – Fill the form below to reserve a seat…

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What You Will Like To Learn On That Day

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