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Light Menstruation With Strong Cramping Generally the cramping could be helped by using herbs that have an anti-spasmodic, calming effect on the uterus. If there is light, bright red menstruation, this may also be a sign of a lack of circulation to the uterus (called a ‘cold uterus’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine). This may be helped by the herbs and therapies in the Menstrual Disorder Remedy Kit. Bright Red Blood Generally, bright red blood indicates a healthy period. Rejoice! Dark, Brown Or Thick Blood Thick dark blood that looks old or brown is old blood left over from the previous cycle. This may be caused by a sluggish menstrual flow, lack of uterine tone or low uterine circulation. Pale Blood, Watery Or Thin Menstruation Pale pink, thin blood traditionally signifies poor blood quality which can be enriched by using blood building herbs, hormone balancing, and increasing circulation. Eating a healthy diet may also be beneficial. Clots Clots are traditionally seen as a sign of stagnation created from excessive flow that is not being expelled. Herbs and therapies that are beneficial for increasing uterine tone are: Spotting And Bleeding Between Periods Spotting is a tricky subject as it can be caused by many different factors. Most times it is not something to be concerned about but some of the causes may be:

  • Disturbance in the hormonal/balance – feedback loop
  • Failure to ovulate
  • Endometriosis
  • Abnormalities of the cervix
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Ovulation has occurred – some women experience spotting during ovulation due to the oestrogen changes at mid-cycle.
  • Hormonal contraceptives
  • Excessive exercise
  • Poor nutrition

No Period (Amenorrhea) It can be quite frustrating if you are trying to get pregnant and yet have no period. Having a healthy cycle is step one for boosting your fertility naturally and being able to get pregnant. There are a couple of reasons cycle may be irregular in women in their reproductive years such as stress, dietary deficiencies, low body weight, getting off of birth control pills, hormonal imbalance, may be entering menopause, or be experiencing other underlying health issues. Since the lining of the uterus is not being shed, it is very important to clear out the old blood and establish a healthy cycle again. This can be done naturally and effectively with herbs and nutrition. I have talked with many clients who have been offered synthetic estrogen to get there periods going again… taking synthetic estrogen for this issue is like using a sledge hammer on a thumb tack. Natural therapies such as the one offered by the Menstrual Disorder Remedy Kit have been found helpful. It is very normal for women who are in perimenopause to experience sporadic cycles. Perimenopause is the time leading up to menopause. As perimenopause progresses toward menopause, it is normal for menstrual cycles to become irregular, or absent due to hormone levels fluctuating. As ovarian reserve diminishes and egg health declines, hormone levels change preparing the body for menopause. This is completely normal. A woman who has not had a menstrual cycle for a year or more and is between the ages of 40-55 is considered to be likely menopausal. If this article has been helpful to you, don’t hesitate to share it with others too. If you have questions, feedback or observations, use the comment box below. NB – If you are reading this and have fibroid, you might want to register for our FREE newsletter on how to ‘Discover Nigerian FOODS That Make Fibroids Grow Bigger As Well As Those That Help You Shrink Fibroids Naturally’’   

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