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male fertility

male fertility

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  1. Hi, please am Vida and my question is that i want to know what causes sperm leakage from woman’s vagina and how it can be treated.

  2. Please I don’t know what is wrong
    After having my 2nd child I dnt get early morning hard erect penis anymore how can I treat this?

  3. My husband have low ejaculation. How can I treat it. I also have ovarian cysts 5.1cm. How can I treat it also. Thanks

  4. My husband has being diagnosed with azoospermia even a testes analysis was negative…how do we treat this

  5. How do I go about low sperm countvof 1m, poor motility,
    Thank you.

  6. What medicine can be used to treated longest low sperm count in the body. Thanks

  7. whats medicine can i use and hw i can get it.

  8. How do I go about knowing if I am fertile?

    • As a man, you can start from checking your sperm count and quality by carrying out a test known as SFA – Seminal Fluid Analysis.


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