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Premature Ovarian Failure – Natural Treatment For POF


Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), also known as Ovarian Hypofunction, is defined as a loss of normal ovarian function before the age of 40. Some people think that POF is premature menopause, but menopause is a natural process which a woman goes through when her body gradually no longer produces eggs; estrogen and progesterone levels naturally decline thus causing the menstrual cycle to come less often until it eventually stops.



Unlike menopause, POF is not a naturally occurring process for a woman’s body. There are different reasons a woman may be diagnosed with POF; these are broken down into two categories: follicle dysfunction and follicle depletion. Throughout a woman’s life, her ovaries contain thousands of follicles, and these follicles contain eggs. The pituitary gland begins releasing FSH at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and the release of FSH signals some of the follicles in the ovary to begin maturing. As the follicles begin maturing they are supposed to release and increase the hormone estrogen over time. The rising estrogen level signals the pituitary gland to curb release of FSH. If the follicles do not mature, the body continues producing FSH and the FSH levels remain high. Women with POF show high levels of FSH. This is why the doctors perform FSH tests, to see if the levels are too high. In a normal functioning follicle, the estrogen levels rise and signal the pituitary gland to release Lutenizing Hormone (LH). LH signals the follicle to open and release the mature egg, this is ovulation. When the delicate communication between the pituitary gland, the ovaries and the follicles does not work properly, ovulation does not occur. Let’s look at different reasons POF may happen under those categories;

Follicle Dysfunction

Follicle dysfunction happens when your follicles are not responding properly. Here are some possible causes… Autoimmune Disorders: An autoimmune disease happens not frequently, but is on the rise. Autoimmune diseases in some cases may damage follicles; by the woman’s body producing antibodies that attack the ovaries and in turn may harm and damage the follicles. Doctors are not sure why this occurs, but some say it may be due to an exposure to a virus. When a follicle becomes damaged it can no longer produce estrogen properly which is the key hormone it releases to communicate with the pituitary gland. Follicle Depletion: This is defined as low or few follicles responding to the signal of the FSH being released. These follicles still exist in the body, they just don’t communicate. Over time they begin to die off and diminish as the entire reproductive system begins to suffer. The communication and proper function of reproductive system is a fragile system, one that depends on all of its parts to function properly to maintain vitality. If the follicles do not mature, ovulation stops happening and the menstrual cycle becomes irregular or stops completely. When this happens the muscles in the uterus and ovaries begin to atrophy. Causes Of Follicle Depletion

  • Environmental toxins including pesticides, herbicides, cigarette smoke, pollutants, chemicals
  • Exposure to a Virus
  • Chromosomal defects, including Turner’s Syndrome and X syndrome
  • Genetic predisposition, this may run in some families, 10% of POF cases
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments are one of the leading causes of POF, follicle depletion

While we cannot control genetic factors, or situations where we have had to make hard decisions like choosing Chemotherapy or radiation to fight other diseases or conditions, autoimmune disorders or chromosomal defects, we can work toward avoiding toxins. Here are some tips for avoiding toxins… 1. Buy organic foods whenever possible! Non-organic foods often contain pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. 2. Avoid using pesticides or herbicides in your yard, garden or surrounding areas. 3. Avoid synthetic-chemical-loaded-mainstream body products including make-up. 4. Avoid using feminine products that are not made from organic cotton, contain plastic or are made from rayon. 5. Drink filtered water.

Causes of POF

Causes of POF

Symptoms of POF

Symptoms of POF are similar to those of menopause, but may be more extreme.

  • Irregular periods, other conditions such as PCOS also have this symptom
  • Night Sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Brain Fog/ Unable or difficulty in focusing
  • Irritability
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Low Libido

All of these symptoms are similar to other fertility issues, which makes self diagnosis incredibly difficult. If you have missed your period for over 3 months and are over the age of 35, you may want to talk to your doctor about testing for POF. I don’t want to scare any of you, but it is important when dealing with fertility issues to have a good solid diagnosis so that you can know where to go from there; a starting point in options. Don’t just rush to buy the next holy grail herb or drug. Go for proper diagnosis first. This step alone has contributed to the huge success we do achieve in our treatment procedure.

How is POF Diagnosed?

POF is usually diagnosed by having your estrogen and FSH levels tested. Extremely low levels of estradiol (estrogen) and high levels of FSH are signs that the ovaries are no longer responding to FSH signal to the follicles, to produce and increase estrogen levels. Ultrasound imaging may be helpful in that it can show if the ovary has the right size and shape. This kind of scan may help to see the follicle count or if the ovary is atrophied. There is a new blood test that measures the levels of AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) also known as MIS ( Mullerian Inhibiting Substance) which is produced directly by the follicles. AMH levels correlate with how many antral follicles are in the ovaries. Women with low levels of AMH indicate low levels of follicles and produce lower levels of immature eggs.

Natural Ways To Tackle POF

POF Remedy Kit The products contained in this Kit work by controlling estrogen in the body.  They helps to stimulate and nourish the pituitary gland, acting as a tonic for the hormone system. When the pituitary gland functions optimally, the entire endocrine system becomes balanced, because the pituitary gland controls the hormone output of the other three glands. The products also work as estrogen modulator and help to regulate the menstrual cycle. These products have adaptogenic and immuno-modulating properties. This means it may be very helpful with women who have stress related or immune-mediated fertility issues. Autoimmune fertility issues may be helped and the proper immnological function supported by the Kit. Exercise A sedentary inactive lifestyle does not provide an environment in the body in which to naturally cleanse itself of excess hormones and toxins. Exercise gets our heart beating faster which pumps more fresh oxygenated blood to the entire body, mainly our vital organs which each play a vital role in our body functioning properly. This circulation also promotes elimination of toxins. Exercise also increases our body temperature triggering sweat glands to produce sweat to cool us down, but sweat also is another way our bodies remove toxins. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 x’s a week. It is never too late to begin to think about the future of your health. Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) shows us how intricately connected women reproductive system is with the brain and entire body and how environmental toxins play a huge role in fertility. Now is the time to work toward supporting your entire body’s health for the future by supporting its natural functions through diet, exercise, clean water and supportive natural therapies.



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