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Good morning and happy weekend to you all. I will also like to use this opportunity to wish our Muslim brothers and sisters Ramadan Kareem. May we witness more of it in our lifetime.

Today’s article is not about any health issue or Remedy Kit, it is to inform you and forewarn you about how some dubious people have been using the name of Plan B Wellness to dupe patients seeking solution to health challenges on the internet in the name of giving them what Plan B Wellness offers at cheaper price.

Yesterday, 27/06/2014, a woman from Jos, Plataeu state called the Plan B Wellness official line around 8am. She asked if she was on to Plan B wellness and I answered affirmatively. She then asked why we have not sent her package after she has made payment to our Bank Account since last week. That dazed me a bit though. She started insulting Plan B Wellness and started tagging us as fraud. As at that time, I tried to calculate in my head if I am aware of any payment received last week that we have not sent the package, but none! Our delivery is 24/48hours at most. In fact, as at that time, 8am Friday morning, we only had 3 carry-over deliveries from Thursday. We have sent out the Kits for all the payments we received on Thursday except for one from Enugu that we could not send out because we confirmed the payment so late and 2 orders from Victoria Island, Lagos, that our staff could not take there same day due to traffic. In fact, the VI buyer was to pay on delivery, so, her money was not in our custody yet.

I explained this to the woman and she did not accept. Then, I asked which account she paid to and she mentioned one Draven Solutions Limited, GTB account. That the company, Draven Solutions, is owned by one Mr Oladimeji (I will keep the guy’s full name for now). I asked her how much, then she said N7,000. That’s when I started laughing. She asked why and I told her; at Plan B Wellness, we do not have any Kit less than N25,000. If we send or sell anything less than N25,000 to anyone, it means the fellow is already on our treatment but just need some more products.

The woman started claiming that we should investigate all our staff members but I instantly replied her that we do not have any staff in Plan B Wellness named Oladimeji and we do not have any connection with any Draven Solutions Limited. Our website is and our wellness brand is Plan B Wellness Center while our bank account name is Plan B Business Link International which is a registered brand here in Nigeria.

Then I asked the woman how she came in contact with this Mr Dimeji. She said she saw our article/advert online and then saw Dimeji’s number on it. I don’t know how Dimeji did this but the woman claimed Dimeji now invited her on Facebook outside our Page to chat with her privately. It was in the process that Dimeji offered her a cheap alternative to our treatment at N7,000 and she grabbed the offer sharply too. As Yoruba people would say – eni ti o nwa ifa n wa ofo – meaning awoof dey tear pocket! Up till now, since last week, Madam Christy has not collected what she paid Dimeji for and Dimeji has refused to pick her call again. At the beginning, she said Dimeji told her it was due to DHl courier service. But a smart Nigerian should know this is a scam. You want to send a package of N7,000 to someone in Jos through DHL? Are you a leaner? How much will DHL charge you and what is the profit margin on that N7,000 package? It is very simple.

Then, I asked Christy to send me Dimeji’s full name so that I can check him out on Facebook because she said Dimeji told her he (Dimeji) owns a franchise in the company that produces our products. This is an offence because I don’t think the guy knows what a franchise means. The woman did not only send me his phone number, she sent his Lagos office address too which made it easy for us to track him down. I did not have to do that by self anyway as it was a Friday morning and I had people waiting for me already in the office. I forwarded the messages to the appropriate entity who contacted Dimeji immediately and funny enough, he neither deny knowing the woman nor collecting money from her. He claimed he has products to sell to her but it’s DHL that is delaying it. Anyway, that is none of our own business. What is important is that he has agreed to refund Christy’s N7,000 and Christy has confirmed that she has forwarded her account number to him.

You see, there are 2 issues here. We did not actually track down Dimeji because of Madam Christy, we did track him down because he used Plan B Wellness resources and platform to dupe Christy. According to Christy, she said there is another woman who is also affected. See, if Dimeji is not in Lagos, it wouldn’t have been so easy to track him down and that’s how Christies’ N7,000 would have disappeared.

This man is a typical example of Nigerians that is making it difficult for genuine businesses to make online sales. The reason why some people outside Lagos have not bought from us up till now is because of fear fraud. How about if they pay and we don’t send their Kit?

In conclusion, this should serve as lesson and warning for all our readers and potential customers. There are a lot of people online that offer natural remedy for one health challenge or the other. We cannot say you should not patronise them, you can do so at your own risk only. If you meet someone on our website or Facebook fanpage who invites you to chat with him or her or offers you a cheaper remedy and you pay him/her, you should know you are on your own.

The difference between Plan B Wellness Centre and other people or entities that offer natural remedy is that we are not product marketers; we are a group of qualified Medical Experts. We are not just interested in selling our products to you; we are interested in helping you regain your natural state of health. We are not just interested in what you pay us; we are so much interested in what we offer you. Our clients all around the country and abroad can testify to this.

Don’t be like Christy who paid to Draven’s Solutions account for whatever reason best known to her and now started calling Plan B Wellness when the deal went wrong. Didn’t she see our phone number earlier to call us to confirm before making payment? Please take not!

Please note, we will not be responsible for any transaction done with any person or company different from Plan B Wellness. Take note please!

We really thank you for your patronage and support.


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