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Xmass Gift For You

Hello, Firstly, did you receive our email yesterday about our new book release? If not here is the link to read the mail again and get more info about the book – Secondly, the entire Medical Team and Staff of Plan B Wellness Center are wishing you a happy Xmass and a prosperous and sickness-free New Year. As the year is coming to an end, a lot of people will be making their New Year’s resolution which will comprise of all the important things wish to achieve in the 2015. One thing that will not be absent in a lot of people’s resolution list is to achieve or maintain good health, at least better than 2014. See, one of the major ways sicknesses find their way in to our body is through the food we eat. That is why we deemed it fit to actually write a whole 99-page book for you on – HOME REMEDIES FOR FIBROIDS : HOW TO CURE FIBROIDS WITHOUT SURGERY OR DRUGS – that contains programs on how women can combat Fibroids of all sizes and types without the agony of surgery and without swallowing any drug. ebook5 The book is not only for women with fibroids, women with infertility, ovarian cysts, polyps, hormonal imbalance, tubal blockage and menstrual disorder and even cancer will also find it very useful and handy. It also contains some programs for me with low sperm count and other male infertility issues as bonus contents. Now, here is your Xmass gift. We actually came about this idea when a woman visited our office on Monday to make enquiries about the book. She actually made it known to us that she was getting it as an Xmass gift for her sister who she feels will find it very useful. So, we want to do the same thing for you too. You can actually get our new 99-page ebook on – HOME REMEDIES FOR FIBROIDS : HOW TO CURE FIBROIDS WITHOUT SURGERY OR DRUGS – for free. YES – 100% FREE. All you need to do is just to order for any of our Natural Health Remedy Kits and you will get the book alongside as your Xmass gift from us. To get any of our Health Kits, visit – Between yesterday that we launched the e-book and now, a lot of health-conscious women have already placed their order and their book has been delivered to them. The price of the book is N8,500 and it will close for sales today 24th as announced earlier. For those who are interested in the book only, please note that today is the last day to order for it. Go here to order now – So, will you accept this valuable gift or not? It’s up to you oooooo. Here is the link to read more about the book and what it contains – We are 100% sure that it will be your best health investment for the year 2014 and it will help you prepare your body in the best natural way possible for 2015. Don’t forget that – Health is Wealth!

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  1. Philip Timiebieri // October 24, 2017 at 2:41 PM // Reply

    How can one get the fibriod kid

  2. If one is already at menopause but has very large fibroid which are very discomforting, would your therapy still work to shrink the fibroid. In other words, how effective will the fibroclear work on such a situation.

  3. lottera onyinye ezenta // April 7, 2017 at 1:00 PM // Reply

    how can someone that Is in need of it get it i mean d fibriod kit

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