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Natural remedy for azoospermia

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Zero sperm remedy

A result like the one below can be yours too if you are ready;

male infertility testimony plan B Wellness

Below is another one;

Azoospamia testimony Plan B Wellness

Dear Dad-to-be,

What you are probably thinking now is;

"Hmmm, here is another one claiming to help me. Just like the previous ones too that eventually did not work out"

O yes, that's fine!

It happens when one has tried different things that claim to perform wonder only to end up not working.

In fact, in some cases, some of these treatments and interventions even cause more damages than helping.

We know this because we have worked with several men on this case of infertility at Plan B Wellness Limited and we are aware of the different experiences!

the good, the bad and the ugly

Firstly, let's educate you about what Azoospermia is, what causes it and why most treatments and procedures fail in addressing it.

NOTE: If you don’t want to continue wasting your money, energy and time on azoospermia treatments that won’t work for you, it is better you go through the details below about azoospermia. It will enlighten you on your particular case of azoospermia and the way out. You will also see clearly, why other therapies and interventions you have used in the past did not work. 

What is Azoospermia?

What is azoospermia

Azoospermia is a condition where there is no sperm found in the ejaculate (or semen) after orgasm.

Five percent (5%) of infertile men have azoospermia, or an absence of sperm in the ejaculate. But thanks to natural herbs, men with azoospermia do not have to give up their hopes of fathering a child.

Sperm Production

azoospermia overview- sperm production

To understand azoospermia, having at least a basic understanding of how sperm are produced and get into the ejaculate (semen) can help.

Sperm cells begin their journey in the testicles, which are held slightly outside of the body in the scrotum. The testicles are slightly outside of the body because sperm are sensitive to heat. A man’s internal body temperature is too high for sperm cells to survive.

The sperm cells don’t just float around in a pool of fluids in the testicles. Instead, they develop inside a system of tiny tubes known as the seminiferous tubules.

Sperm cells also don’t start in their tadpole-like form, with a head and a tail, either. They begin as tiny round cells. Only when exposed to reproductive hormones like testosterone, FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), and LH (luteinizing hormone) do they mature and develop into the sperm cells you’re more familiar with. These hormones are controlled and produced by the pituitary gland and the testicles.

Sperm Maturation

Sperm maturation is a physiological process whereby spermatozoa acquire fertilizing capacity during their transit through the epididymis.

Spermatogenesis is the origin and development of the sperm cells within the male reproductive organs, the testes. Sperm cells are produced within the testes in structures called seminiferous tubules.

After the sperm cells get to a certain level of maturity in the seminiferous tubules (as explained earlier), they move into the epididymis, a long, coiled tubal area. They continue to develop further here for several weeks.

After the epididymis, the sperm cells move into the vas deferens (the vas deferens is what’s cut during a vasectomy).




After the vas deferens, the sperm travel in the seminal vesicle, also known as the seminal gland. Here, the majority of the fluid that makes up semen is produced. This fluid nourishes the sperm cells. The next stop is the prostate gland, where prostate fluids are added to the overall semen mix.

The prostate gland is the last stop sperm make on their journey before they move into the urethra during ejaculation. The urethra travels from the bladder, through the prostate gland, and eventually through the penis.

Just below the prostate gland sit two pea-sized glands known as the bulbourethral gland or Cowper’s Gland. While sperm don’t directly travel through these glands, before ejaculation, the glands release a fluid that neutralizes any acidity in the urethra left from previous urination.

What keeps urine from ejecting through the urethra during ejaculation? The muscles around the “neck” of the bladder tighten when a man has an erection. This keeps the urine from leaving the bladder during male arousal.

No sperm count


In summary, sperm is made in the testicles. It travels through the reproductive tract and mixes with the fluid that’s found in the seminal ducts. Together, the sperm and this fluid make semen (the thick, white ejaculate that comes out of the penis when a man reaches orgasm).

With azoospermia, the sperm is taken out of the equation. You may have ejaculate (semen), but it doesn’t contain sperm. You may be familiar with the term “low sperm count” — but azoospermia, on the other hand, is referred to as “no sperm count.”

Types and Causes of Azoospermia

A Production Problem or a Delivery Problem?

secretory or non obstructive azoospermia

The primary question, which needs to be answered when faced with azoospermia, is; whether the problem lies in the sperm production or in the delivery.

That is, are the testes simply not producing sperm or are they producing sperm but unable to deliver it in the ejaculate? The purpose of an initial evaluation is to distinguish between these two alternatives.

If the testes are making sperm but none are in the ejaculate (semen), the sperm must be retrieved by some other mechanism, either by restoring the normal flow of sperm or by circumventing it.

If the testes are not producing sperm, then we need to explore whether the problem can be reversed. Even if the problem cannot be reversed, there are a number of cases in which the level of spermatogenesis is advanced enough to allow a natural conception with our approach.

The following paragraphs briefly describe causes for both production and delivery problems of Azoospermia;

Sperm Production/Secretion Problems

The three major causes for lack of sperm production are hormonal problems, "testicular failure," and varicocele.

Hormonal Problems

hormonal disorder azoospermia

The testicles need pituitary hormones to be stimulated to make sperm. If these are absent or severely decreased, the testes will not maximally produce sperm. Importantly, men who take androgens (steroids) either by mouth or injection for body building shut down the production of hormones for sperm production.

So, if your azoospermia is caused by hormonal disorders, you will benefit majorly from an azoospermia remedy that is targeted towards helping your body produce appropriate pituitary hormones so as to bring about the production of healthy sperm cells, 

Testicular Failure

Causes of azoospermia

This generally refers to the inability of the sperm producing part of the testicle (the seminiferous epithelium) to make adequate numbers of mature sperm.

This failure may occur at any stage in sperm production for a number of reasons. Either the testicle may completely lack the cells that divide to become sperm (this is called “Sertoli cell-only syndrome.”) or there may be an inability of the sperm to complete their development (this is termed a “maturation arrest”). This situation may be caused by genetic abnormalities, which must be screened for.


A varicocele is dilated veins in the scrotum, (just as an individual may have vericose veins in their legs). These veins are dilated because blood does not drain properly from them. These dilated veins allow extra blood to pool in the scrotum, which has a negative effect on sperm production. 

In most cases, the most common way people correct this is via surgery. However, experience has shown that surgery does not offer a sustainable and lasting solution to varicocele as many men have confirmed carrying out surgery for varicocele more than once and they still suffer from it sooner or later after the surgery. 

Sperm Delivery Problems - Ductal Absence or Blockage

Semen Production & Ejaculation

Sperm delivery complications are generally caused either by a problem with the ductal system that carries the sperm, or problems with ejaculation.

The sperm-carrying ducts may be missing or blocked. Thus the patient may have bilateral (both sides) congenital (from birth) absence of the vas deferens. Or he may have obstructions either at the level of the epididymis (the delicate tubular structure draining the testes) or higher up in the more muscular vas deferens. It may also have become mechanically blocked during hernia or hydrocele repairs.

Sperm are stored in sacs called the seminal vesicles, and then are deposited in the urethra, which is the tube through which men urinate and ejaculate. The sperm must pass through the ejaculatory ducts to get from the seminal vesicles to the urethra. If these are blocked on one or both sides, no sperm will come through.

Finally, there may be problems with ejaculation. Before a man ejaculates, the sperm must first be deposited in the urethra. This process is called emission. There may be neurological damage from surgery, diabetes, or spinal cord injury, which prevents this from happening.

Also, for the sperm to be pushed out the tip of the penis, the entry to the bladder must be closed down. If it does not close down the sperm will be pushed into the bladder, and later washed out when the patient urinates.

How is azoospermia diagnosed?

How is azoospermia diagnosed?

The most basic way you might be diagnosed with azoospermia is through a semen analysis. Your doctor will ask you to ejaculate into a cup and submit the specimen to a lab for testing. If no living sperm is observed in the ejaculate/semen, it’s possible you may have azoospermia.

Along with a physical exam, your doctor will be interested in your medical history. They may ask questions about;

  • your fertility history (whether or not you’ve fathered children)
  • your family history (like history of cystic fibrosis or fertility issues)
  • illnesses you had as a child
  • different surgeries or procedures you’ve had to the pelvic area or reproductive tract
  • history of infections, like urinary tract infections (UTIs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • prior or current exposure to things like radiation or chemotherapy
  • prior or current medication use
  • any possible misuse of drugs or alcohol
  • recent illness that involved fever
  • recent exposure to high heat

Other diagnostic tools might include:

  • blood tests to evaluate hormone levels or genetic conditions
  • ultrasound to visualize the scrotum and other parts of the reproductive tract
  • brain imaging to look for issues with the hypothalamus or pituitary gland
  • biopsies to more closely examine sperm production

Can azoospermia be treated?

Can azoospermia be treated naturally

To some, the answer is no. While to some, the answer is yes. It depends on who you ask and their level of experience in handling cases of azoospermia.  

However, if you ask us at Plan B Wellness, the answer is YES. 

We have handled several cases successfully that have been previously condemned by doctors that there was no hope for them.

The truth is that, we are endowed by nature with roots and herbs that are highly potent and effective.

At Plan B Wellness, we have unparalleled knowledge of herbs for healing and our results are the confirmation we have to show for it.

natural remedy for azoospermia


Azoospermia Remedy Kit Plan B Wellness

Azoospermia (Zero Sperm Count) Remedy Kit

From the stable of Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

PLAN B wellness LOGO

A fully registered natural health and wellness company in Nigeria licensed to consult, formulate, produce, import, export, market and sell natural health products. 


We are licensed by the Lagos State Government Traditional Medicine Board as Certified Traditional Medicine Practitioners.



We serve the populace with highly potent and effective 100% natural health solutions, products and services worldwide!

How the azoospermia remedy works

If sperm are not found in the ejaculate (semen), then there is either obstruction or blockage in the reproductive tract or sperm is not being made at levels sufficient to get into the ejaculate. We already explained this above. 

A blockage can be due to prior infection, surgery, prostatic cysts, injury or congenital absence of the vas deferens (CAVD)

At Plan B Wellness, we make a 360 degree evaluation of each azoospermia case we get and devise a treatment protocol to target the root cause.

We have experienced that a 3-month (90 days) of treatment with our highly customised and tailored Azoospermia Remedy kit usually leads to a natural production of quality and healthy sperm that will bring about natural conception. 

Three Unique Benefits of Our Azoospermia Remedy Kit

Below Are The 3 Important Features That Make Our Azoospermia Remedy Kit Unique and Different From Other Things/Therapies You Might Have Used or Come Across Before;

1. The Result is Permanent

With our Azoospermia Remedy Kit, you will be among the successful group of men that will be able to overcome this challenge and be able to impregnate a woman henceforth whenever you want. With the potency of herbal drugs coupled with consistent follow-up and diet and lifestyle education, be rest assured of permanent solution without having to be on drugs for long. 

2. No Negative Side-effects

Our Azoospermia Remedy Kit comprises of 100% natural, safe, and powerful sperm-generating therapy with no negative side effects. No danger on your fertility system or body system in general. 

3. Personalised Holistic Therapy

Our Azoospermia Remedy Kit offers you a multi-dimensional holistic natural therapy approach, customised for you based on the cause of your azoospermia. This is what is missing in all other solutions out there. They are uni-dimensional and not personalised for you. That’s why they are selective in their efficacy.

Below is another testimony;

Natural Remedy for Azoospermia_Oligospermia Testimony Plan B Wellness
Natural Remedy for Azoospermia_Oligospermia Testimony Plan B Wellness 2

What Does the Azoospermia Remedy Kit Contain?

100% Natural Herbal Products

Herbal drugs for Azoosspermia

Our Azoospermia Remedy Kit contains different kinds of highly potent herbal products (in capsules and powder form) that help to kick-start a natural production of quality healthy sperm with no negative side effects. 

That’s not all, you will also have Herbal products for liver cleansing, body cleansing/detoxification as well as fertility cleaning and hormone balancing. 

Contained in the package are also herbs to cure infection and fertility improvement. 

For those who experience low libido and premature ejaculation, there will be additional herbs to help you overcome these challenges too so that you can enjoy good sex with your partner.


PLEASE NOTE: All our products are in capsules and powdery forms. However, if your particular case will require special production in other forms, you will be pre-informed. 

Below are some of our herbal products that will be in your Azoospermia Package in different quantities;

Gynae-Y Capsule for azoospermia
SpermBoosta capsule
Optiman Capsule
Biofit Capsule
Gynae-Y Tea for Azoospermia

Home-made Sperm-boosting and Libido-enhancing Recipes

Home-made sperm-boosting and libido-enhancing recipes

Our sperm-boosting recipe has the power to help your body kick-start the process of healthy sperm production. Ou Libido-enhancing recipe also has the power to help you improve on your sex drive and to last long. 

With the ingredients well spelt out in your treatment instruction as well as the procedure to make them by yourself at home, you now have what it takes to keep azoospermia, low libido and premature ejaculation away from your life totally. 

This is one way our own Azoospermia Remedy is holistic and different from the others. The healing is permanent and sustainable.

Treatment Guide

By getting the Azoospermia Remedy Kit, you have access to a well-detailed treatment guide that you can access anytime on your own to make sure you are doing the right thing at the right time.

The instruction guide will be sent to you via WhatsApp or Email to make sure you can have instant access to it whenever you need it.

Weekly Follow-up Call by an Expert

To make sure your therapy goes on well, to get your feedback and also to guide you on personalised diet and lifestyle changes that will directly help you get fast results, expect to hear from one of our in-house experts once in a week (or based on your own scheduled timing).

Via these calls, personalised dietary plan can be made for you and adequate tailored changes can be recommended for you based on your lifestyle and personality. 

We go this extra mile for you to ensure that you get the best out of the treatment. 

Below is another testimony;

low sperm count testimony

Here is another one;

Man impregnates wife with TWINS after a long time of infertility;

Plan B Wellness Testimony

How Much is the Azoospermia Remedy Kit?

Azoospermia Remedy Kit Plan B Wellness

Treatment Duration: 3months (90 days)


For Complete 3 months Treatment Supply

NOTE: For those that can’t afford the 3months package at once, you can buy on a monthly basis at N90,000 per month for 3 months.

See the table below for the price in different currencies;

If your local currency is not contained in the pricing table above, kindly use to covert the price to your local currency.

NOTE: SFA (Seminal Fluid Analysis) and Scrotal Scan has to be carried out before commencing the treatment. They also have to be repeated after the treatment for confirmation. 

What the Treatment Entails

  • Highly potent herbal drugs to kick-start healthy sperm cells production
  • Herbal drugs for hormone balancing for proper and functional male reproductive system
  • Herbal drugs to clear any form of blockage in and around the male reproductive system
  • Herbal drugs to improve sexual performance and overcome premature ejaculation
  • Herbal drugs to achieve normal sperm morphology
  • Herbal drugs for high motility rate
  • Herbal drugs to treat any form of infection
  • And many more as the case may warrant

How to order for the kit

  1. Review of Medical Report: Send your SFA (Seminal Fluid Analysis) Report and other medical reports to us via whatsapp (+2348099666658 or +2348099666648) or via email ( for proper review and treatment recommendation.
  2. Order Placement: Place an order for the package by filling any of the the order forms below based on your location or payment preference.
  3. Payment:  We offer both prepaid and payment on delivery within Nigeria. There is no payment on delivery option for orders outside Nigeria. You can pay with your card instantly and securely on this page, you can as well do an instant transfer into the company’s account or deposit in US Dollars into the company’s US Dollars account anywhere you are in the world. 
  4. Delivery: We deliver locally and worldwide with FedEx and DHL. Some local deliveries are done with the aid of other private logistic firms such as Gokada, GIG and so on.
  5. Azoospermia Treatment Questionnaire: Expect to answer our  Treatment Questionnaire which helps us to know you better and your health/fertility condition in order to serve you in the best way possible.


Pre-treatment questionnaire

The questionnaire is sent via email or whatsapp to you after payment confirmation.


Pay on Delivery

cash on delivery


This option is available within Nigeria only!

This means we will ship the package to you anywhere you are within Nigeria and you will pay for it only when you receive it. 


Delivery Fee: N2,500

Kindly note that there is delivery (commitment) fee of N2,500 to be paid ahead of the delivery.


Why paying delivery (commitment) fee of N2,500 ahead?

Over time, we have realised a lot of people take undue advantage of the pay on delivery services when they know they are not really ready to buy the package (in most cases financially).

We only offer natural remedies, we do not run a courier firm. It costs us money to send pay on delivery packages which get undelivered most times due to non-availability of the receiver. It even then costs more to get the package retuned to us by the courier agent. That’s double losses!

Therefore, we are introducing this delivery (commitment) fee of N2,500 to know those who are really ready to get the package only. Once the package is delivered, the exact amount of the package ordered for will be paid.

Use the company’s account details below to pay the N2,500 delivery/commitment fee;


Bank Name – Jaiz Bank

Account Name – Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

Account Number –0005825453


Payment Confirmation 

After payment, kindly send your payment notification to us via whatsapp or SMS on 08099666658, 08099666648 or 08099666650 (SMS only) for confirmation.

After the confirmation, you can then go ahead and fill the order form to place your order for us to know where to send your package to.


To place your order, kindly fill the form below. 

Once your order is received as well as the delivery/commitment fee, the treatment QUESTIONNAIRE will be sent to you (via whatsapp or email) and your package delivery process will begin immediately.



Do not fill this form if you are not in Nigeria and if you have not paid the delivery/commitment fee.

If you do, your order will simply be ignored. 

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Prepaid Orders

All prepaid orders enjoy FREE Nationwide delivery.

To order for the Kit using this option, kindly make payment accordingly into the company’s account as follows;


Bank Name – Jaiz Bank

Account Name – Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

Account Number –0005825453

Pay With Your ATM Card/Online Banking

This online payment gateway is 100% protected, safe and CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) approved.

Buy 1 month Kit

Buy 3 months Kit

After successful payment, kindly complete your ordering process by filling the form below so that you can receive your questionnaire and your package can be processed and delivered ASAP;


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International Orders

This is for those who are outside Nigeria and are interested in purchasing the Azoospermia Remedy Kit.

Shipping Fee

Kindly note that international deliveries attract delivery charges which depend on the destination. Kindly contact us via email or whatsapp for the delivery cost advice based on your location.

To pay with your card;

After proper consultation with us via email or whatsapp, you can go ahead and make an instant online payment safely and securely with your card by clicking on the red button below (powered by Paystack).

This online payment gateway is 100% protected, safe and CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) approved.

Buy 1 month Kit

Buy 3 months Kit

To pay by direct deposit is US Dollars

Kindly use the bank account details below to pay for the package anywhere you are in the world;




Beneficiary Bank: JAIZ BANK PLC


Account Number with Correspondent Bank: 3582-027040-001

Final Beneficiary Name: Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

Final Beneficiary Account Number: 0007546648


Delivery: Kindly note that international deliveries take 3-7 working days and it’s not free. Amount to be paid depends on your location. You shall be appropriately advised on the exact delivery cost to your particular location once you contact our support desk via whatsapp on +2348099666658 or +2348099666648 or via email

You can also get your friends or relatives in Nigeria to order the Kit for you while you also pay through them using any of the first 2 ordering options.

After successful payment, kindly complete your ordering process by filling the form below so that you package can be processed and delivered ASAP;


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How do I receive the package?

Packages are delivered directly to your home or office (unless otherwise stated) by our partner couriers firms such as DHL, Fedex, ACE, GIG, IFEX, UPS and so on.

You can also prescribe the courier/shipping/transport company that’s most suitable for you based on your location. 

We always deliver

Plan B Wellness
Successful delivery to Uganda Plan B Wellness
Successful Delivery to South Sudan Plan B Wellness
Successful delivery to Gambia Plan B Wellness
Successful delivery to Ghana Plan B Wellness
Successful delivery to Uganda Plan B Wellness
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Successful Delivery to Sierra Leone
Successful delivery to South Africa Plan B Wellness


satisfaction guarantee

Every purchase of the Azoospermia Remedy Kit is backed with our 100% no-story satisfaction guarantee.

If after taking the therapy your sperm count is not fully restored to the normal level for any reason, you are entitled to FREE follow-up treatment from us until the count, motility, morphology and other important parameters fully restore to normal levels.  

Click here to see more success stories.

Stop suffering in silence!

Results like the ones shared above can be yours too in the next few weeks if you are bold enough to contact us and get started with this therapy today!

You too can bounce back!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does azoospermia mean that my testicles are not making sperm?

Not always. Your testicles might make sperm normally, but a problem with your reproductive system could prevent the sperm from reaching your ejaculate. This is called obstructive azoospermia.

What is the best treatment for azoospermia?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why most drugs and therapies out there do not work for many people. The best treatment for azoospermia depends on you — more specifically, your blood test and semen analysis results, physical exam, reproductive function, age, lifestyle and other factors. Once we learn more about you (through our treatment questionnaire) and the suspected cause of your azoospermia, we can personalize/tailor treatment options to fit your case.

How safe is this treatment?

Lots of men have taken and still take this therapy with no reported side effect so far over the years.

Why do I have to take the treatment for 90 days?

The complete process of sperm production takes an average of 64 days. Therefore, any remedy that will help you boost the production of good quality and healthy sperm cells must be there throughout the entire process and more.

Have more questions?

Contact us now

Whatsapp/SMS/Call – +2348099666658, +2348099666648.

Telephone – +2348099666650  (call and SMS)

Email – (24/7)

Office Address – Suite B54, De PlazaVille Complex, Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos

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