How To Regain Control Over Your Monthly Flow

And Say Goodbye to Menstrual Challenges and Irregularities

Be it a case of;

  • Absent of menstrual period – Amenorrhea
  • Painful period/Menstrual cramps – Dysmenorrhea
  • Irregular period – Oligomenorrhea
  • Light periods – Hypomenorrhea
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding – Menorrhagia
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Spotting
  • And many more…

If menstrual challenges are causing you nightmares and affecting your fertility, make sure you read this beneficial report to the end…

So that you too can join the caucus of women that experience proper monthly flow without any drama and are able to improve their fertility as well;

And results like the ones below can be yours too, starting from today… 

Experiencing flow for the first time after several years of ceasing

Below is another one;

Monthly flow resurfaced after it has ceased due to adhesion/scar tissues

Here is another one;

Are Your Periods A Monthly Nightmare?

Dear Sister,

Month after month, the same agonizing story unfolds!

From the unsettling absence of your period or the relentless cramps, the unbearable pain, smell and odour to the frustration of managing an irregular cycle.

You’ve tried countless remedies, and yet, the challenges persist, affecting your life, confidence, wellbeing and most importantly, your fertility too

How Menstrual Disorder Affects Female Fertility

Did you know that irregular periods can pose a silent threat to your fertility?

This is a reality that many women are not aware of and it’s time to shed light on it. 

Irregular menstrual cycles can disrupt your body’s hormonal balance, making it challenging to conceive when you’re ready to start a family.

Inconsistent periods often indicate irregular ovulation, reducing your chances of getting pregnant naturally. As a matter of fact, cases like this account for 30%-40% of all cases of infertility.

Aside contributing to infertility, lack of menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age can also cause complications such as;

  • Hot flashes
  • Nipples leaking milk
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Headaches
  • Vision changes
  • Acne
  • Excess hair growth on your face and body
  • And many more…

Do you see why it is important to take care of your Menstrual Challenges right now without any further delay?

And we’ve got your back!



Flow Restore Tea

Flow Restore Herbal Combo

Comprising of Flow Restore Capsule and Flow Restore Tea which are 100% safe, highly effective and organic!

From the Stable of


Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited 

A fully registered natural health and wellness company in Nigeria licensed to consult, formulate, produce, import, export, market and sell natural health products. 


We are licensed by the Lagos State Government Traditional Medicine Board as Certified Traditional Medicine Practitioners.


We serve the populace with highly potent and effective 100% natural health solutions, products and services WORLDWIDE!

Many Smart Women Are Using Flow Restore Already

And they are getting great results like the ones below;

There is improvement in flow

Below is another one;

Another one;

Another one again;

You should join the league of the smart women too and change your menstrual cycle experience for the better, starting from today!

How Does Flow Restore Work?

Flow Restore is your guardian against the perils of irregular periods, absent period and all menstrual challenges.

Our meticulously crafted 100% natural herbal remedy not only addresses the immediate challenges you face but also safeguards your reproductive health.

Flow Restore addresses a multitude of menstrual challenges faced by women, including:

1. Restoring Your Monthly Cycle: If amenorrhea has left you feeling worried and uncertain, Flow Restore is here to help bring back your monthly period, naturally and safely.


2. Relieving Menstrual Pains: Bid farewell to the excruciating pain that has haunted you for far too long. Flow Restore is proven to alleviate menstrual discomfort.


3. Maintaining Normal Blood Colour: Our herbal blend ensures that your menstrual blood maintains its natural colour, eliminating concerns about unusual discolouration.


4. Eliminating Bad Odours: Say goodbye to unpleasant odours and embarrassment. Flow Restore clears your menstrual blood of bad smells, keeping you fresh and confident.


5. Regulating Irregular Cycles: If irregular periods have been causing chaos in your life, Flow Restore provides the stability you’ve been longing for.

For How Long Will I Use Flow Restore?

Unlike other products out there, Flow Restore does not force out your period when you use it and then period will disappear once you stop using the product. This has even caused severe damages to the reproductive system of many women unknowingly. 


Achieving a balanced and healthy menstrual cycle and flow is a journey that requires time and consistency as Flow Restore aims to support and enhance your body’s natural hormonal balance, which takes time to stabilize and improve.


The 100% herbal blend in Flow Restore is designed to work harmoniously with your body’s natural processes, which typically takes 60 to 90 days to manifest significant and lasting improvements.

This period allows the active ingredients to accumulate in your system, addressing the root causes of menstrual irregularities and supporting long-term reproductive health.


Using Flow Restore daily over this timeframe ensures that you can experience the full benefits of our holistic approach, leading to sustainable and meaningful changes in your menstrual cycle. By committing to this regimen, you’re giving your body the best chance to realign and maintain a healthy balance. 


For a fast and sustainable result in overcoming any challenge with your menstrual period, it is recommended that you use Flow Restore for 60-90 days. 

How Much Is Flow Restore?

1 Month Pack

1 Bottle of Flow restore Capsule (30 Capsules)

1 Pack of Flow Restore Tea (100g)

Total = N30,900

Today’s Price = N21,900

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2 Months Pack

2 Bottles of Flow Restore Capsule (30 Capsules each)

2 Packs of Flow Restore Tea (100g)

Total = N61,800

Today’s Price = N36,900


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3 Months Pack

3 Bottles of Flow Restore Capsule (30 Capsules each)

3 Packs of Flow Restore Tea 

Total = N92,700

Today’s Price = N46,350


For a limited time only!

Pay on delivery available nationwide

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See What People Are Saying About Flow Restore?

Period is regular at 28days for the first time in her life!

Flow is now better than it used to be

Flow is not too heavy and not too light any longer. She said it’s perfect!

Why Should Your Trust Our Company?

1. We are not just a bunch of online marketers, we are a group of licensed herbal medicine practitioners 

This is not yet another website put up by an online marketer trying to survive. Here, you are dealing with a group of licensed herbal medicine practitioners. As mentioned and shown earlier, we are licensed by the government to practise herbal medicine.



2. Our company is registered 

Our company, Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited, has been registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) since 2017 as a Limited Liability Company (not as an enterprise or venture). To register at this level as an health company, you need some levels of certification to indicate you are an expert.

Since 2017, we have been waxing stronger with thousands of customers all over the world and no single case of fraud or scam against us. 

We also have several corporate bank accounts in our company name. So, you are not dealing with an individual that is not traceable, you are dealing with a professional corporate organisation that can be verified.



3. We have a functional physical office 

Again, we are not a faceless company. You can walk in to our office anytime during the working hours (Monday-Saturday) to consult us and to also buy any of our products.

Office Address: Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited: 53, Governor’s Road, Anisere Bus Stop, Ikotun, Lagos

Contact details (whatsapp, call & SMS): 08099666648, 08099666658, 080994666650, 08099666649




Before you are cajoled with sweet marketing tactics from marketers, make sure you check for those 3 things at least when you are patronising a company online regarding your health.

How Can I Order Flow Restore?

There Are 3 Ways to Place An Order

  1. Pay-on-delivery nationwide (within Nigeria)
  2. Office pick-up
  3. International Orders (for buyers outside Nigeria)

1. Payment on Delivery Option

This option is available nationwide (within Nigeria only).

This means we will ship the package to you anywhere you are within Nigeria and you will pay for it only when you receive it.



Please, do not fill this form if you are not willing to receive and pay for Flow Restore within the next 24/48 hours.


For enquiries and consultation, kindly call or chat with any of our lines – 08099666648, 08099666658

2. Office Pick-up

We know there are trust issues out there, especially with online orders.

Therefore, feel free to walk in to our office at 53, Governor’s Road, Anisere Bus Stop, Ikotun, Lagos to pick up the product Monday to Friday, 9am to 5 pm. 

If you are not in Lagos, you can also send your friends and relatives in Lagos to purchase for you.

For more details, help or clarifications, kindly contact us via whatsapp/SMS/Call on +2348099666648 or +2348099666658

3. International Orders

This is for those who are outside Nigeria and are interested in purchasing Ovu-Boost. 

To order directly by yourself and get it delivered to your doosrstep anywhere you are in the world, you can order by making an instant online payment safely and securely with your card or directly through your bank.


To pay by direct deposit is US Dollars

Kindly use the bank account details below to pay for the package anywhere you are in the world;



Beneficiary Bank: JAIZ BANK PLC


Account Number with Correspondent Bank: 3582-027040-001

Final Beneficiary Name: Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

Final Beneficiary Account Number: 0007546648


Card Payment 

To pay with your card safely and securely online, kindly contact us via whatsapp/SMS/Call on +2348099666648, +2348099666649, +2348099666658 and +2348099666650 for the link. 


DeliveryKindly note that international deliveries take 3-7 working days and it’s not free. Amount to be paid depends on your location. You shall be appropriately advised on the exact delivery cost to your particular location once you contact our support desk via whatsapp on +2348099666648.

Stop Suffering In Silence!

  • No matter how dejected you feel right no
  • No matter what you have used in the past
  • No matter how long you have been trying

Flow Restore is here to put a lasting smile on your face!

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