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Holistic And Natural Treatments For All Diseases

Holistic And Natural Treatments For All Diseases

Our services at Plan B Wellness Centre go beyond just offering natural treatments. We don’t just offer natural treatments, we also empower by educating our people on how best to avoid diseases and also maintain a satisfactory healthy status. We do this through our various Free Health Talks and Free Medical Check-up.  We educate on diet/lifestyle as one of the easiest ways to maintain a good state of health and wellbeing for everyone.  At Plan B Wellness Centre, we successfully tackle the following health challenges with holistic and 100% guaranteed natural treatments:


  1. John Godson

    good day, i will like to be involved and to learn how to go about these treatments.

    1. Hello Godson,

      Which of the treatment are you interested in?

      You can call 08099666650 or send an email to planbwellness1@gmail.com for more details.


  2. Ifeoma

    Thanks for the information, please am interested in natural treatment for uterine fibroid, so how do I go about it

    1. Hello Ifeoma,

      Thanks for contacting us. You can get more details about our Natural Fibroid Treatment on https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid


  3. Precious

    Please what and what (drugs,e-book) can one expect after paying for FIBROID REMEDY KIT?

    1. Hello Precious,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      When you pay for the Fibroid Remedy Kit, you will get our treatment package based on the category of the Kit prescribed for you and you will also get our Fibroid Remedy E-book that educates you on diet to embrace and those to avoid in order to get rid of fibroids naturally. You will also be receiving ongoing support from us till you successfully complete your treatment and get rid of fibroids.

      Hope this is clear. In case of any more question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


      Kindly visit Fibroid Treatment Details to see what you will get from us when you pay for the Fibroid Remed

  4. Monica.bassey

    Please i have interest on the e book for treatment of fibroid . I will also need the fibroid kit. Am in akwa ibom state. How do i go about it. Very urgent

  5. billeh ub

    please i need some of ur medicine please hw do i get it

    1. @Billeh

      Which one in particular please?

  6. safiya

    how to get the fibroid kit

    1. Hello Safiya,

      Visit https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid for the details on how to get our Fibroid Remedy Kit that helps you get rid of fibroid without surgery

  7. nd

    Hello, do u also diagnose or you only treat?

    1. We only treat.

  8. Victoria

    What time do you open your office

    1. Monday – Friday

      9am – 6pm

  9. grace eyo

    I need the fibroid kit

    1. You can order for the Fibroid Remedy Kit on the following link – https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid

  10. grace eyo

    please how will I get my drugs

    1. You can get it from our office or have it couriered to you.


  11. vera

    Am interested in the female infertility . Can the one take care of menstrual and hormonal imbalance?

    1. Yes

  12. anita

    hw can i get rid of fibroid of the fallopian tube and i dont know hw to count on my ovulation since then.please help me out i ve just i kid and my hubby want another child.

    1. Hello Anita,

      Please get the exact issue that is wrong and get back to us as currently there is nothing like fibroid of the fallopian tube.


  13. beauty

    how can I get hormonal imbalance kit, im in South africa

    1. Hello Beauty,

      You will get it via courier service.
      You can forward your hormone profile result to planbwellness1@gmail.com


  14. Joy

    Hi, please what is the solution to a subserosal fibroid measures 52x62mm seen arising from the uterine fundus?

    1. @Joy,

      Kindly visit https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid to see all the details about what we offer for fibroid.


  15. Amaka Nwachukwu

    I’m interested in the Fibroid Remedy Kit and all I need to know about it.

    1. @Amaka,

      Thanks for showing interest in our Fibroid Remedy Kit. You can get all the details about the treatment on https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid

      Kindly get in touch with us if you have any question or need more clarification.


  16. Pl. the lab. test I’ve undergone reveals that I’ve a chronic staph aureus and chronic stomach ulcer caused by wicked worms. Pl. may I know how much would it cost me for the total treatment of ulcer and staph aureus infection. And again, could one pkt. of staph therapy and ulcer therapy take complete cure of these ailments. Your reply highly solicited.

    1. @Ajim

      Thanks for contacting us. Kindly note that it is our fundamental ethic to recommend treatment ONLY after sighting a medical report. Therefore, you are advised to forward your result that confirm ulcer and Staph aureus to consult@planbwellness.com for assessment and treatment recommendation. Also, we would be able to give you details about the required treatment by then.


  17. My mensturation seize for more than a year, and i hapen to take in without knowing that i took in. Now my Boy is 4 years and i have not seeing my circle for more than a year and i decided to take 1 herb that i later bleed for 8 days with blood cloted black coming out. I was happy thinking that the solution has come, but is 2 months now no blood no prenancy. Any remedy or what is the cause, i will be 31 yrs this year. Respon to me through my facebook. Name Melody nasara Joshua

    1. @Melody,

      You might need to go for a test called Hormone Profile. Also, you can visit https://www.planbwellness.com/menstrual-disorder for a natural solution to this.


  18. rinsola

    am yet to see my mestration for two months now and i went for scan,the result reveals i have ovarian cysts on my right size 36 x35mm and i also have abdominal pain on my right ovary which comes and go.how do i get your drug ovarian cysts remedy kit and for how long will my cycle be delayed.tnks.i based in abeokuta.ogun state.

    1. @Rinsola,

      Our Ovarian Cyst Remedy Kit will help you get rid of the cyst and you will be able to recover your menstruation (if actually menopause has not set in).
      You can visit http://www.plabwellness.com/ovarian-cyst for all details about the treatment and how how to get the treatment.

  19. Emgardt

    I have fibroids for many years now and it’s so painful.

    1. You can visit https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid for a natural solution to fibroid.

  20. I like plan b wellness center because it’s educative

    1. Oh, thank you.

  21. I am experiencing menstrual disorder for the past one year now.

    1. @Fati,

      You can visit https://www.planbwellness.com/menstrual-disorder to see how you can tackle this challenge naturally.


    Hi, I want to find out what exactly constitute the fabriod kits…Like what kind of product will be taken for this treatment and what exactly is in this product… Just more enlightenment on the content of the fabriod kit

    1. @Princess,

      Kindly visit the fibroid treatment page on https://www.planbwellness.com/fibroid for all the answers to your questions.


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