Hello everyone, as a tradition at PlanB Wellness, we do share irresistible testimonials of our happy and satisfied customers/patients once in a while. We receive numerous of them on a daily basis in form of SMS and Email though. So, we are used to it. But at times, We feel like sharing the ones that amaze us and that is exactly what has happened in this case.

The most interesting part is that we will share it in the most natural form as sent to us by the person in question. Actually, she did not send it to us like a testimony until we made her know that and asked her if she could write about her experience treating fibroid with our FibClear Herbal Formula and she obliged. She only tried to ask a question based on what she discovered while on our fibroid products. One point we want you to realize is that this fellow is not in Lagos and she has not seeing any of our staff members face to face before. She saw our website, talked to us and ordered for the products down to the East where she stays.

The picture below reveals her first email to us yesterday (edited for privacy sake)…


Below is our reply to her…


And here is her reply to the above mail…


We exchanged so many other email conversations yesterday.

Let me tell you, what this fellow is treating is different from her testimony. She is actually treating fibroid. But just like most people that have gotten our treatment, she did not disclose the issue of infection until the treatment worked for it. That is why we do say in our articles that our own form of treatment is holistic in nature.

Here is another email she sent yesterday regarding her experience on her fibroid treatment with our Natural Fibroid Product and also when she was asked to write her experience with our treatment. She asked us to write on her behalf but we explained to her that it’s good for customers to write their experience in their own word;


So, this is the story of someone who saw our page on Facebook, read our articles and other people’s success stories on our website. She did not believe at the beginning but still went ahead to contact us. She paid to the company’s account without seeing us. She believed and hoped it won’t be another money-wasting idea or even a total scam. And now, glory be to God Almighty, her decision is paying off. Our prayer for her is to be totally healed of fibroid and other diseases in her body.

If you are also doubting whether our treatments/products will work for you, go ahead and get one and you will be convinced.

Click here to also try FibClear Herbal Formula for your fibroid.

Add your comments and questions below.


Stay Healthy And Never Give Up!

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