Let’s talk about the 5 most effective ways to survive and remain happy as a couple when fighting infertility

Dealing with infertility hits hard on individuals in different ways and manners.

Due to the nature of our work at Plan B Wellness, we know a lot of couples fighting infertility in different ways.

While some go by their daily life activities happily like nothing is happening, some couples spend everyday of their life being sad as a result of not having a fruit of the womb yet in their marriage.

We do not know which you are, however, this write-up will be of great value to you in your journey to beating infertility.

When conception is not happening as quickly as you expect; worry, grief, anxiety, anger and more are the emotions that overwhelm couples. While it’s natural to feel this way, it affects many marriages.

Fighting infertility has put a strain on a lot of marriages, which shouldn’t be so. After all, you both promised each other “for better, for worse”.

Whether the main problem is his ejaculation issues or her fibroids, tubal blockage, scar tissues or PCOS, it doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage.

Rather, it should be a reason to keep your marriage healthy, while believing that you can come out of this ordeal as one.

Below are some tips to help you strengthen your marriage while fighting infertility.


See Yourselves as a Team




One of the key ingredients to any successful relationship is ‘understanding’. You both need to understand that infertility is not a problem of one person. It is something you should tackle together.

Supporting one another in tough times strengthens the bond between you two.

You can always be sure you’ve got each other’s back. Using reassuring words always helps too – words like “we would get through this together”.


Eliminate Blame



It is possible that you blame yourself for not being able to produce babies. It is also possible that your partner gets all the blame. However, this is not the time.

It is not the period to throw blames all over the place. Chances are your partner is struggling to live his/her life, and believe me; blames would not make the situation any better.

Mental stress has a way of leading to more damages in health and this will just jeopardise your effort in fighting infertility the more.


Have Sincere Discussions from Time to Time




Before we jump directly into the nitty-gritty of the purpose of sincere discussions, let’s point out few things to expect.

On some days, your partner would not be in the best of moods – that is your clue to avoid infertility discussions that day.

Another thing is, both of you cannot feel the same emotions at the same time.

With that being established, let’s talk about the purpose of sincere discussions.

Sincere discussions require that you talk to each other; share your worries, share your fears.

One of you may prefer to avoid the infertility topic, it could be what works for you, but it’s important that you find that balance. Identify each other’s coping styles, so as to help you lessen conflicts and misunderstanding.

Do not try to cope with infertility alone, it’s never a good idea.

Few times, negative thoughts about your partner leaving you can occur. This is why you need to communicate with your partner each time you feel this way, so he/she can always correct such thoughts.

In as much as it is necessary to have honest talks about your emotions; it is also necessary that you do not do this too often. You do not want all of your talks to be about infertility.

Crack jokes, gist each other often, do so many things together to bring about good mood in your home.


Create time for Sexual Pleasure


Intimacy and its importance in relationships - 1st for Credible News


It is not uncommon for couples going through infertility to have sexual intercourse for the sole purpose of making babies.

Truth be told, this triggers stress. Because, all that’s in your thoughts is how to make it right this time. And hopefully, this would be a hit. You only time intercourse for the most fertile period.

This is what we think – You’ve been trying for years; it gets tiring and boring. We are not saying it’s not okay to time the ‘baby-making’ intercourse, but you should also create time to have sex for what it is – which is a way to feel closer to your partner.

In addition, it would help you relieve yourselves of all the stress and tension (generally speaking). It’s been a long time coming, so you both deserve it.

Whichever day you choose for sexual pleasure, make sure your partner’s mood is okay. Ensure you are in a good state of mind too.

Here’s a tip: start by engaging your partner in activities you know he/she would never resist. Any activity you are choosing must be one that you both would enjoy. While doing this, say beautiful words to your partner. You could even go as far as writing a love letter.

Love languages are very important too. Add your partner’s love language to the equation (could be gifts, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service or quality time).

What more? This is your moment to make the move on your partner. That is to say, get your partner in the mood. You can whisper into your partner’s ear, letting him/her know it is love-making and not baby-making intercourse.

During intercourse, still say beautiful things to your partner. Avoid baby or fertility talks.

And, that’s it – adding spice to your marriage while fighting infertility.


Seek Assistance


Farmers still reluctant to seek help if battling a mental health illness -  Strive to thrive - Articles - Farmers Guardian


If you and your partner have only been trying and getting yourselves worked up without a clue as to the cause of your infertility, it’s necessary to seek help.

Remember, the goal is to fight infertility as a team and be victorious.

To achieve this goal, you need to sit and plan the steps you want to take.

You might need to educate yourselves first. It informs you and helps you understand that fertility challenge is common amongst couples like you.

We have on our blog, quite a number of health posts centered on infertility. You should check them out here.

The next step should be visiting the doctor to find out the particular cause of your infertility.

Remember that infertility isn’t only a woman’s issue, men have infertility issues too. And yes, you and your partner could both be responsible for your infertility.

Your doctor would advise you accordingly on the tests to take. Whatever the outcome may be, keep in mind that no one is to be blamed.

Fertility treatments can be expensive and draining. We often recommend the male infertility remedy kit or the female infertility remedy kit which is affordable and yields positive result in as little as 3 months.

Having to spend so much on popular fertility treatments (such as IVF) than what you can afford, can cause a rift between you and your partner.

We know of couples that have taken loans to undergo IVF more than once with no positive result only to be going through financial stress in repaying the loans. This is double jeopardy.   

It is especially so when your partner is the cause of the infertility and he/she is the one receiving the treatment. Your partner may believe he/she is not getting the full support required from you. Female partners tend to see things from this angle more and this will put a strain on your marriage.

If it gets to this point, try to understand there are usually a lot of negative emotions flying around during the treatment phase. Just let your partner realize that he/she has your full support, and that you would do all it takes to ensure he/she gets the treatment. Sometimes, it’s the re-assuring words that are needed.

At Plan B Wellness Limited, we aim to solve fertility issues of couples through our various infertility remedy kits. To see the treatments we offer for infertility issues, visit our remedy kit page.

Click here for male infertility remedies.

Click here for female infertility remedies.

For more information about what to expect from our fertility treatment, contact our help desk.

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Feel free to ask questions or seek clarifications in the comment section below. You can as well share more tips that have worked for you in your marriage while fighting infertility with us. We, as well as other readers we be glad to learn from you.

Stay Healthy And Never Give Up!

Plan B Wellness Nig. Limited

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Omolara Adebimpe
Omolara Adebimpe
2 years ago

Nice one please what can husbby use for low sperm count and wat can I use for sperm leakage


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