Nobody wants a boring sexual life. You deserve to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired. But for you to enjoy the above, your sexual health must be kept in check.

How do you do that?

One can decide to make use of drugs, supplements or herbs to enhance their sexual health.

But has it ever occurred to you that there are foods that can get the job done?

Well, there are some foods that can potentially help both men and women improve their sexual health. Below, we’ve detailed 12 natural foods; so you have plenty of options to work with.

Get ready, you just signed up for the sexual life you’ve always wanted!

8 Natural Foods That You Must Consume To Enhance Your Sexual Health


1. Almonds

food for sexual health

Almonds are known to promote heart health. Good heart health in turn keeps the blood vessels healthy. The reason a man or a woman is able to achieve orgasm is as a result of the sexual stimulation facilitated by the blood vessels. Only healthy blood vessels are capable of doing that.

If you’re having orgasm issues, you don’t want to exempt almonds from your daily diet. Three times weekly would do just fine.

The ‘Almond-power’ doesn’t stop there. The Almond fruit is one of the richest sources of zinc, selenium and vitamin EZinc is associated with the production and regulation of sex hormones in men. It also stimulates libido.

In women, selenium helps to improve fertility. And lastly, Vitamin E improves heart walls and cells, which stimulates blood flow and is good for the sex organs.

It is believed that almonds are aphrodisiacs – they promote passion and increase sexual desire.


2. Avocado

Avocado for sexual health

This super-food is known for its reasonable content of unsaturated fats (the healthy fats). We are talking about unsaturated fats because they are a heart-friendly nutrient. When the heart is taken care of in the right away, proper blood circulation is certain.

With a healthy cardiovascular system, your genitals would never be deprived of the blood it needs. Remember, sexual health is not just about the sexual activities. Your sexual organs need to be in good shape and be able to function as well.

And that is the benefit the Avocado is offering you. Therefore, eat your avocado and enjoy it.


3. Carrot

Carrot for sexual health

This is shocking to you? We are sure you never thought carrot would make it to the list.

It turns out carrot is the food every man needs to improve the quality and quantity of his sperm. This statement is in agreement with the findings of a recent study – yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, particularly carrots improve the quality of sperm.

The large amount of Vitamin A present in carrot helps in producing sex hormones in both men and women. Women who increase intake of Vitamin A experience improvement in their reproductive cycle.

Other food sources of Vitamin A include sweet potato, oats and broccoli.


4. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables for sexual health

Greens to the rescue!

For improved sexual health, normalize green vegetables in your daily diet. These green vegetables offer lots of benefits. In both men and women, they increase sex drive, clean the blood and improve circulation – the B-Vitamins present are responsible for that.

The folate especially aids promotion of healthy sperm production in men, and the healthy development of embryos.

So tell us, why would you want to miss out on these benefits?


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A piece of advice, try not to stick to just one type of green vegetables, explore the different varieties based on your geographical location. It is not a must you get the ones in the picture above. Any green vegetable common in your culture and community will do just fine. 


5. Eat Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry for sexual health

One way by which sexual satisfaction is achieved is when you are able to have sex with your partner for as long as you want. Unfortunately for some people, fatigue gets in the way.

However, in this case, the black raspberry is the solution. They help to increase your sexual endurance and even go as far as increasing your sex drive.

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You want to have sex with your partner for as long as you want? Eat at least 8 black raspberries few hours before sex.


6. Red fruits and vegetables

Red fruits and vegetables for sexual health

It is no news that fruits and vegetables come in different colours, and of course, eating the variety is the right approach.

But when it has to do with reducing sexual-related defects, emphasis is on the red fruits and vegetables.

Tomato is a vegetable that contains lycopene – which ensures less sperm defects.

Red strawberry is another one – a fruit that can help to reduce birth defects and increase the amount of sperm in semen.


7. Figs

Figs for sexual health

Figs are a unique fruit. They are believed to help increase fertility and, more importantly, pheromones (pheromones are chemical substances that cause increase in sexual desire).

Looking to have sex for conception purpose? Try eating some figs before you have a moment of intimacy


8. Add Onion and Garlic to Your Diet

Onion and garlic for sexual health

Although not many like the idea, taste and smell of onion and garlic; but we promise you, the benefits are too good to ignore. Let’s start with the onion.

Onion can help strengthen the reproductive organs of both men and women. The high content of chromium contained in it helps to maintain a positive hormone balance as well as control the level of glucose.

The garlic is believed to help increase sexual energy.


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When you plan to achieve good sexual health, cultivating the habit of adding onions and garlic to your meals would not be difficult.

This list of foods we have compiled helps you choose the ones that apply to your sexual health needs. Give it a trial and see improvement in your sexual health.

If this has been beneficial to you in anyways, do well to share it with others too. 

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Stay healthy and never give up!


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