Beware of Wrong Diagnosis!

Beware of Wrong Diagnosis!

Today, we have decided to share the experience of one of our clients with you with the issue of wrong diagnosis that almost made the couple depressed.

It’s a case of multiple uterine fibroid as you can see in the scan report below;

After a proper review and explanation of the situation to the couple, the woman was placed on the 3months package of our Fibroid Remedy Kit.

If you have been following us for a while, you would have realised that we go beyond medical reports to offer our herbal remedies. We also have our in-house questionnaires which we share with users of our remedies to explain themselves in details about how they feel, signs and symptoms as well as their expectations from the therapy.

In commencing the therapy, the couple opted for the monthly purchase of the 3 months fibroid package.

So, when the woman finished the first month, she shared her feedback which were positive enough to encourage the couple to go for the second month.

Usually, it’s the husband that liaise with us via whatsapp the most. So, he placed an order for the second month package too.

On finishing the second month, the husband suggested that the wife ran a scan which she did.

To their surprise, the scan report showed that the fibroids have increased in size except for one of them that only reduced in size a bit. What?

See the scan report below;

The husband reached out via whatsapp as usual with the report and he mentioned that the wife is really down and so sad.

After spending so much and taking the remedy for 2 months, she is left with an even worse case than what she started with.

However, as we are used to this kind of situation, the first thing our CEO did was to request to speak to the woman taking the treatment directly. He tried to get her personal feedback based on the signs and symptoms she narrated in the questionnaire before commencing our fibroid therapy.

The woman confirmed her tummy had gone down, excessive and painful menstrual bleeding has subsided. She does not get tired easily as before and she feels good generally in her health ever than before. She then added that except for some little signs she started seeing when her second month’s herbal drugs were about to finish which she could not explain.

Of course, this is absolutely a direct opposite of what the scan is saying. If the fibroids are actually getting bigger, it is only logical that the signs and symptoms will be getting worse too.

So, she was asked to run another scan in any other lab of her choice to be sure of the real situation and to know whether the scan is correct or not.

To the couple’s surprise, the biggest of the fibroids that measures 84mm x 80mm has reduced to 35mm x 38mm. The other two that measure 40mm x 35mm and 30mm x 25mm have reduced to 27mm x 33mm and 22mm x 36mm respectively.

As if that’s not enough, the new scan also confirms that the fibroids are already degenerating. Meaning they are weak, they dying – the remedy is really dealing with them.

Confirm from the report of the scan she ran the second day below and please take note of the dates on all the scan reports to see the time frame;

This of course aligns with the experience of the woman as evident in the way she feels with the signs and symptoms of the fibroid currently and in her body generally.

Now, they have put in to go for the third month of the treatment after confirming that the first two months taken have worked just fine. 

The third month of the treatment is expected to clear off the remaining fibroids. And if they are not totally cleared by then, do not forget that we offer free follow-up treatment.

If after the third month treatment the fibroids are not totally gone, which happens some times, the woman is covered with our free follow-up treatment package until all the fibroids disappear totally. This is how we reduce the risk on the part of our clients.

The issue of wrong diagnosis is something we experience regularly and we are sharing this particular case with you to be aware and always seek a second opinion before letting the bad result given to you break you down. Especially if what the results is saying does not align with how you feel in your body. 

We hope you have learnt one or two things from this.

Have you experienced a case of wrong diagnosis before? Please share your experience below for others to learn too.

Stay healthy and never give up!


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