Fibroid Surgery: To Do it or Not?

Fibroid Surgery: To Do it or Not?

Fibroid Surgery: To Do it or Not?

Should you do fibroid surgery or not? 

In this write-up, we shall be looking into the issue of fibroid surgery. The advantages and the disadvantages as well as all other options fibroid sufferers have in getting rid of fibroids

Aside the monthly menstrual flow that is common to every woman, there is no other gynaecological issue that affects women of child-bearing ages more than fibroid. Fibroids are also known as myoma or leiomyomas.

Every data available has confirmed this fact.

As a result of what we do at Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited, we do receive tons of enquires daily from women who are looking for the best solution to overcome fibroid challenges. That is exactly the reason why we have decided to write this piece.



The most common question of all is;

“My Doctor has booked me for surgery, do you think that is the best and the only way out for me?”

So, the above is what we will be analysing together in this piece, so as to serve as a guide for you and other women who may find this useful.

So, the first question is;


Is Surgery an option for treating fibroid?


fibroid surgery


The answer to this is yes.

In fact, surgery is almost the fastest way to get rid of fibroid.

Especially, fibroid cases that are already becoming life-threatening. Surgery, in that regard will offer an instant relief and succour.

Do not forget that when the life of the fibroid sufferer is at stake, nothing else matters any longer. Not the fertility of the person, not whether she has a child yet or not. Not whether she can still have a child in the future. The most important factor here is – saving the life of the person.

There are two major types of surgery to eliminate fibroid. They are Hysterectomy (total womb/uterus removal) and Myomectomy (fibroid removal).

The one that will be recommended by your doctor depends on your peculiar situation.

Now, while surgery offers the fastest way to get rid of fibroid, the next question that may be on your mind is;


Is Surgery the Best Option to Eliminate Fibroid?


fibroid patient


Well, this is not something that can be answered as easily as the first part.

You see, best is relative.

It depends on the person who wants to eliminate fibroid and her entire experience.

If the question is asked by a woman in her 50s, who does not need her fertility for anything again and fibroid is threatening her life, surgery will be the best option for such person. Though, this is rear if the fellow has stopped menstruating. Fibroid will natural shrink on its in a menopausal woman. We will cover more details on this in another write-up.

Whether they remove just the fibroid or the entire womb, such person does not even have any need for it again and the issue of side effects wont be an issue.

On the other hand, if the person involved is in her prime time (fertility wise) and she is someone who still needs her fertility to be intact, surgery cannot be said to be the best option for such person.

As you will see in the images below; we have seen women who got their entire fertility/reproductive system messed up after undergoing fibroid surgery. Most of these women are either single or married women who still need to give birth.

Now, after removing fibroid (which means solving a problem), they then start another round of battles (more problems) with different gynaecological issues such as menstrual disorder, Adhesions/Scar Tissues caused by the surgery, infertility and so on.


See some women experiences below;


Started battling with irregular period and Adhesions (has confirmed by her HSG report) after fibroid surgery 


Issue of fibroid regrowth after a previous fibroid surgery


Experiencing heavy bleeding and secondary infertility after undergoing fibroid surgery 


As you have seen, surgery does come with a lot of risks and adverse effects.

This does not mean it happens this way in 100% of the cases but there is no surgeon that will give you any guarantee ahead that yours wont go wrong too.

In fact, you will even be asked to agree ahead that you are good with whatever the outcome is.


Is there a better way out for fibroid sufferers?



Yes, there is!

But just before letting you know what it is, please be aware that there are a lot of offers out there claiming to have solution for fibroid.

In most cases, they compound the problem for you and most people fall for the scam because they are usually cheap and promise fast result.

If you have ever seen what a fibroid looks like and understand fully the biochemical process behind its development, you will easily understand why a lot of therapies are not effective or will never be able to tackle fibroid.


Can fibroid be treated naturally and can one overcome it in such  way that it will not regrow and there wont be any side effect?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Fibroid can be treated naturally with no side effect. Future growth can also be controlled.

The only issue here is timing.

Unlike surgery that offers instant solution, natural remedies to treat fibroid take time.

If anyone tells you they have an herb, tea or concoction that can help you get rid of fibroid in one week, please run. You may be paying for that short time with something else that you wont know now until the problems come.

So, be careful with how you treat your fibroid.


What We Recommend

For those who do not want to risk the adverse effects of surgery to overcome fibroid, do well to check out the the Fibroid Remedy Kit. 


natural remedy for shrinking and eliminating uterine fibroid without surgery in Nigeria


Fibroid Remedy Kit is the program we developed at Plan B Wellness Limited to help fibroid sufferers overcome fibroid challenges without having to go under the knife.

We have been offering it for over 6 years with very encouraging track record of success and verifiable results as you can see by clicking here

The Kit contains a combination of herbal preparations (in form of capsules and powder) that help to shrink fibroid totally. Also, cleanse the entire female reproductive system, balance excess hormones that make fibroid grow bigger such as Oestrogen and also improve the overall fertility of a woman.

Aside the herbs in the Kit, you will also have access a free 99-page e-book that fully explains healthy diet, lifestyle guide and also offers home-made natural recipes to make sure you get rid of fibroid the most natural way possible while also preventing future re-growth.

You can’t get this with a fibroid surgery.

Fibroid Remedy/Diet Ebook

Now, you have been enlightened about surgery as an option for eliminating fibroid. It is not a bad idea, it all depends on how much risks you are willing to take with your health and fertility as a woman.

Also, you have been presented with another option that is less risky and with no reported side effects over the years.

We hope this piece is helpful to you. If you have benefited from it in anyway, kindly share the link with other women too to benefit.

Drop your questions and clarifications in the comment box below.

Stay healthy and never give up!


Plan B Wellness Nigeria Limited

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Call and SMS only: +2348099666650


IG: @planbwellness

Twitter: @planbwellness

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Olaoye Kehinde
Olaoye Kehinde
2 years ago

For how long would it take someone to eliminate multiple fibroid with your remedy kit.


Olaoye Kehinde
Olaoye Kehinde
2 years ago
Reply to  planbwellness

alright, i will do just that. thanks

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