As part of our work ethics and company tradition, we sent out a general follow-up SMS to all the people currently on our treatments across the country yesterday (15/04/2014) and the feedback we got was amazing, as in REALLY AMAZING!

Though, not really surprised, the feedback only made us happy more that all our customers are getting value for their money and most importantly their health is getting restored in the most natural way possible.

We can’t begin to be making their issues and replies public, but those who replied the message and those who called gave 100% positive feedback which means the treatments are helping in restoring their health.

Be it Fallopian Tube Blockage, Ovarian Cysts,  Uterine Fibroid, Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Weight Loss, Low Sperm Count, Excessive Bleeding, Infection and so on, all the patients are doing good.

But what came to us as a surprise is the issue of a lady in Enugu that got the news about our us through her sister (who also got to know about us through the internet). She got healed of Abnormal and Excessive Bleeding of more than 3years in 24hours! How? Yea, let me explain…

We did not know this lady as she was not even the one that ordered for the products. Her sister ordered on her behalf. It was her sister that sent her phone number to us to call her to have her feedback. Because it was her sister that received the follow-up SMS we sent.

For some time now, the lady has not been going to work and also to church. She said whenever she takes drugs, the bleeding will stop but it will start again if she treks a little distance or does any stressful work. She is constantly on blood boosting drugs. This situation has also affected her menses to the extent that she said she could bleed for one month nonstop at times.

She got 2 products couriered to her in Enugu from our company last week. She started the treatment immediately and to her wildest surprise, she regained her strength on Saturday and went to Church on Sunday. This last Sunday in Enugu! According to her, she even trecked in order to confirm whether the treatment has worked for her or not and may be the bleeding will start again. On Monday, she has regained enough energy to go to work and all her colleagues at work were surprised to see her too. The lady is very happy and she even told us she would like to go for our Weight Loss Treatment if we can guarantee her that it will work like this too…lol

Sure, we know our treatments work but we won’t ever guarantee any one of seeing a positive result in a period of 24hours for an ailment of more than 3years.

So, we give all the glory to the Almighty God who has used our company as a source of good health for this lady and many others too.

As a way to take our business and service to humanity to the next level, we are currently working on a new online portal where the general public can go to learn about natural solutions and remedies for various health challenges. This should be available (by the grace of God) before the end of this week and all our subscribers will be notified accordingly.

Stay Healthy And Never Give Up!

Plan B Wellness Center
Tel – 08099666650
Email –
Twitter – @planbwellness

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10 years ago

wow, thats wonderful and encouraging. But i hope its for real not just to hypnotise us bc i wish to order the fibroid treatment kit but loking for the email to email my scan results in order to know which kit is suitable for me.


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