How to Get Your Ceased Period Back in 2 Easy Steps

How to Get Your Ceased Period Back in 2 Easy Steps

If it’s not a case of menopause, is it possible to get back your ceased period? We shall find out the possibility of that in this write-up. 

On a daily basis, we receive hundreds of enquires and questions from different women. Women who are having issues with their monthly flow among our over 50,000 online (Facebook) followers, over 20,000 email subscribers and even total strangers.

It is a known fact that an easy and a very universal way women measure their fertility is by having an healthy and a regular monthly flow.


Cases of ceased period


So, once there is an issue with the flow, a woman will start sensing that there is already a problem with her fertility. Though, this is in most cases correct.

The monthly menstrual flow is one way the female body communicates about fertility.

Many women today suffer from menstrual disorders and have used all sort of remedies, drugs, medical procedures, and so on with no result. Thereby, wasting a lot of money and time.


The truth in most cases is that; you are either not getting the right solution to your problem or you are getting the right solution for the wrong problem.


In this write up, you will learn the 2 simples steps to follow to get your monthly flow back in even a more healthy and regular form than before.


1. Find Out and Know the Cause of Your Ceased Period


When you start missing your period (ceased period) or it’s turning out late to show up, the first thing you want to do, (if you are married and have been having unprotected sex) is to check for pregnancy. If that is negative, then the search for the cause will properly begin.

Missed, late, scanty or ceased period happens for many different reasons.

Common causes can range from hormonal imbalances to serious medical conditions such as Intrauterine Adhesionsuterine fibroidsPCOS and so on.

There are also two times in a woman’s life when it’s totally normal for her period to be irregular


when it first begins, and when menopause starts.


Now, this is where a lot of women get it wrong;

When they experience ceased period for some months and have confirmed they are not pregnant, they will simply be looking for any solution around. They even use it without finding out what has made the period ceased.

How do you find the right solution to a problem you do not know?

Ceased period in itself is not a problem.

It is a sign that something else is going on as mentioned earlier. It could be hormonal imbalance or even a case of uterine adhesions

These 2 common causes of missed, scanty and irregular period have different treatment approaches.


So, for a woman whose case is caused by adhesions, she wont be able to get her period back if she uses any therapy that is for a period missed as a result of hormonal imbalance – and vice versa.


Now you understand why a lot of women will say – I have used all sort of things but my period has still refused to come.


How do you determine the cause of your missed or irregular period?

This is done by running tests or getting examined by a medical practitioner. Do that before you start taking any herb, drug or therapy so that you don’t just waste your money and time.


2. Get the Right Solution Based on the Cause of Your Ceased Period



For example, for a woman who is missing her period or the period suddenly becomes scanty after getting a surgical procedure done (it could be just a D&C after a miscarriage, it could be a fibroid surgery or any other procedure alike), you should know this is likely going to be a case of Asherman’s Syndrome (Adhesions), and the best way to confirm before embarking on using any remedy is to carry out an HSG (Hysterosalpingography).

In this case, you can’t just be using any drug or herb to bring back your period, you really have to treat the adhesions if that is the case.

Forcing the flow out monthly with drugs is not sustainable in the long run and may even cause more dangers for you. Please be aware!

What is sustainable is to find a non-invasive way to get the scar/adhesions out of the way so that your period can start flowing back regularly.

Luckily, there are genuine herbs and remedies that can do this successfully with no side effects.

You can check out this Asherman’s Syndrome Remedy that has helped a lot of women overcome cases of Adhesions and get back their healthy monthly flow after trying all sort of things that could not help them.

This same scenario as described above comes to play when you miss your period or it’s becoming irregular due to hormonal imbalance.

Instead of getting proper remedies that can help you balance the hormones, if you continue to use medications that will force your period out, you may be doing your body and your fertility system more harms.


Do not let pressure, impatience and the idea of wanting your period to flow by all means push you to try things that will jeopardise your fertility beyond repair.


The kind of medications that force out period do have side effects which the therapist or seller may be silent about because they want to sell to you and they know you are ready to buy too because you want your period back by all means.

Your lack of patience is understandable but be careful not to compound your problems by seeking the wrong solution.

The right way to do it if hormonal imbalance is queried is to first get an hormone profile done in a good hospital or lab. Get the result interpreted for you by a qualified health practitioner and then make use of the right therapy to get back your period naturally.

It’s a natural remedy that will make sure all the necessary hormones balance and your body kick-start the process of healthy menstrual flow on its own henceforth without having to force it every month.

Click here to get more details about the remedy.


Could it be Menopause?


There is a class of women who are already in their menopausal phase of life but are still looking for ways to get back their period. When such women approach us for help, we only try our best to educate them to allow their body rest.

If you have reached the age of menopause and your fertility system is shutting down, please allow it.

Do not start using drugs that will give you unwanted health problem in the future all in the name of looking for pregnancy or more children.

However, if the menopause case is not natural or it’s a case of early menopause, something can still be done about that to help the body get back to an era of healthy monthly period with no adverse effect.

We hope this write-up is helpful to you in one way or the other. If it is, kindly share it on social media with other women too to benefit.

Let’s join hands to help as many women as possible get back their healthy monthly flow and fertility.

Stay healthy and never give up!


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