You need to learn to promote regular ovulation if you desire natural conception. This article explains 5 different ways to achieve that.

Regular monthly ovulation is a critical and an important event that needs to happen each menstrual cycle in order for a woman to become pregnant. Sadly, ovulatory dysfunction or anovulation happens regularly for many women, making it one of the leading causes of female infertility.

There are however five simple ways to promote healthy regular ovulation and they are as follows;

1. Eat a Clean, Whole Food, Nourishing Fertility Diet

Fertility Diet is about supporting your body in its reproductive efforts; meaning eating real, whole foods, a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, moderate amounts of lean (organic/grass-fed/free-range) meats, seafood and dairy, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats.

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Consistently, research has shown that following a Fertility Diet is one of the most influential ways to support regular ovulation. You might be surprised to know that consuming adequate amounts of Vitamins D, B12, Iron and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) all can play a part in healthy ovulation.

2. Exercise Daily

Regular, moderate exercise helps maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) or weight, which in turn supports hormonal balance and healthy insulin levels both important for fertility and ovulation. Avoid idleness as much as you can. If your work requires you to sit down for a long tine, you can take a walk at intervals to exercise you body. 

3. Create a Stress Reduction Plan

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While a bit of positive stress can be healthy (known as eustress), stress due to infertility is typically experienced at higher than average levels which may quickly run the body down. Consistent, very high levels of stress can cause normal functioning systems of the body to “shut down” (even if temporarily). This “shut down” may affect the function of the heart, lungs and nervous system; negatively impacting the overall health of the body. One of the body systems readily affected by stress is the reproductive system.

Stress is known to trigger the body to make excess stress hormones, one of which is cortisol. Cortisol inhibits the body’s main sex hormone gonadotropin releasing hormone or GnRH. By inhibiting GnRH, some women experience the loss of desire to participate in sexual activity, hormone imbalance and even anovulation.

4. Support Hormone Balance with Herbs

Several herbs have been found to encourage ovulation by having a positive influence on the hormone processes that regulate the menstrual cycle. Some of these can be found here.

5. Consider Natural Therapies

When there is stagnation within or lack of circulation to the reproductive system, fertility is impacted. Lack of circulation can result in menstrual cycle irregularities anywhere from having a light period to not having a period at all including disrupted ovulation.

One of the most effective natural therapies for increasing circulation – increasing the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood – to the reproductive system is Self Fertility Massage.

Self Fertility Massage, when performed on the lower abdomen, impacts the function of the uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, liver, stomach and intestines.

In conclusion, eat well, exercise, manage stress, and consider herbs and natural therapies to support and promote regular ovulation. They are steps that are relatively easy to adhere to and important for anyone on their fertility journey.

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