Don’t live with your diabetes, don’t simply try to control it — get rid of it. Is it possible? The lies, the truths and the possibilities are all what you will be learning in this write-up today. Read on…

Diabetes is a Rapidly Growing Threat to Human Health

Diabetes has been cited as the most challenging health problem in the 21st century. Millions of people (ranging from young ones to old adults) in Nigeria and even all over the world have diabetes. The number of people with this disease has been increasing steadily, largely due to the increasing susceptibility of the people now to diabetes risk factors.

Diabetes Severely Damages One’s Health and Shortens Life Expectancy

Diabetes is a serious disease, and both type 1 and type 2 accelerate the ageing of our bodies. Having type 1 or 2 diabetes greatly speeds up the development of atherosclerosis, or cardiovascular disease; in fact, diabetes doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke.

diabetes complications

More than 80 percent of adults with Type 2 diabetes die of heart attacks and stroke, and these deaths occur at a younger age compared to people without diabetes. Diabetes also ages the body more rapidly, causing harm to the kidney, nervous system and other body systems.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure and blindness in older adults. Thousands of amputations are performed yearly due to complications of diabetes.

Diabetes also increases cancer risk, especially colorectal cancer.

Type 2 Diabetes is Preventable and Reversible

Whereas, type 1 diabetes is a disease of insulin deficiency, type 2 diabetes typically develops because the body is insulin resistant and requires more insulin than normal. Our body’s cells are fuelled by glucose, and insulin acts as a key that allows glucose from the blood to enter our cells. If the pancreas does not produce insulin (as in type 1 diabetes), or the body’s cells no longer respond to insulin (as in type 2 diabetes), glucose remains in the blood instead of being used by the cells, resulting in abnormally high blood glucose, which is harmful to the body.

Again, here is one way the insulin injections and drugs do not really help you in the long run. Yes, they help you take care of the high glucose levels in your blood when you use them but they end up starving your body cells of the required energy (derived from glucose) to perform optimally. This is why the body cells become weak and all sort of diseases start surfacing.

Premature death and the devastating complications of this disease simply do not have to happen. Those with diabetes are told to watch their diet, exercise and use drugs to better control the glucose levels in their bloodstream. My message is that the nutritional advice received from typical dieticians and physicians is inadequate and permits countless of unnecessary premature deaths and much needless suffering.

I declare, “Don’t live with your diabetes, don’t simply control your diabetes — get rid of it.” it is possible!

The standard way of consumption of processed foods, refined grains, oils, sugars, and animal products is at the root of the type 2 diabetes epidemics, and keeping glucose under control with drugs in individuals who continue to consume this diet will not prevent diabetes complications.

Excess fat on the body interferes with insulin’s actions; the body’s cells become less responsive to insulin and it is more difficult for insulin to transport glucose into the cells. The pancreas is then forced to produce more insulin to compensate.

The pancreas is pumping out much more insulin than a thinner person might need, but it’s not enough to compensate for extra body fat. The pancreas’ ability to secrete insulin is diminished further over time as individual remains overweight and the diabetes continues. Total destruction of insulin secreting ability almost never occurs in Type 2 (adult onset diabetes) as it does in Type 1 (childhood onset diabetes). However, the sooner a Type 2 diabetic loses the extra weight causing the stress on the pancreas, the more functional reserve of insulin secreting cells remain. When you give an adult diabetic, who has been suffering from the damaging effects of excess insulin for years, more insulin to drive the sugar down, you create more problems. Insulin increases appetite and can cause significant weight gain, making the patient more diabetic.

Another disaster here is that most of the weight loss supplement and drugs out there are not made having diabetic patients in mind. They are made for the general market. So, in most cases, they do not work effectively for diabetes sufferers or even cause more complications.

Usually, they require more and more medication and their condition worsens. Findings from numerous studies also show that high insulin levels promote atherosclerosis, even in non-diabetics. In diabetics, the degree of atherosclerotic blood vessel disease is greatest in those with the highest levels of insulin. The level of insulin in your blood is an indicator of your risk of heart attack – regardless of whether that insulin is produced by your pancreas or injected. High insulin levels are also associated with increased cancer risk. In short, Insulin is not the answer for type 2 diabetes.

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Conventional Care For Type 2 Diabetes

Well-meaning physicians prescribe drugs in an attempt to lower the dangerously high glucose levels, the high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and the high blood pressure typically seen in diabetic patients. Unfortunately, treating diabetes with medication gives patients a false sense of security. Patients mistakenly think their somewhat better controlled glucose levels are an indication of restored health, providing them with implicit permission to continue the same disease-causing diet and lifestyle that led to the development of their diabetes. With the combination of the standard dietary advice and the weight-promoting medications, many continue to gain weight. They believe that they are protected from harm by their medications; meanwhile diabetes progressively damages their cardiovascular system, kidneys, nervous system, and more.

It can be different. The vast majority of our type 2 diabetic patients, who adopt our 2-step diabetes reversal (comprising of the  nutritional and Diabetes Remedy Kit) recommendations for diabetes reverse their disease; they become fit and non-diabetic. They are able to gradually discontinue their insulin and eventually other medications and most no longer need any diabetes medications after the first few months months. They simply get well. We work with people who have diabetes who want to live a long and healthy life and enjoy the sense of achievement and the confidence that they can take control over this disease.

The End of Diabetes

How can a type 2 diabetic patient lower high glucose levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lose weight and not need to take drugs such as insulin which cause weight gain?

Here is the simple answer—The complete Diabetes Remedy Kit.

Diabetes Remedy kit



The Diabetes Remedy Kit offered by PlanB Wellness is a combination of natural health products (GlucoNature, GlucoNature Plus, HappyForte and co) professionally designed to repair the pancreas for effective performance and to supply optimum amount of nutrients needed to control blood sugar naturally and permanently. It is the most effective holistic approach for those with diabetes and is much more effective than drugs or concoctions.

For Type 2 diabetic patients, this approach results in complete reversal of the diabetic condition for the majority of patients. For a Type 1 diabetic, it eliminates the excessive highs and lows and prevents the typical dangerous complications that too frequently befall those with diabetes. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics can maintain excellent health and quality of life into old age. Women with gestational diabetes can reverse their disease, have a healthy pregnancy and prevent type 2 diabetes later in life.

Let me give you a hint of the kind of products in the Diabetes Remedy Kit. These products have the functions that have good effects on diabetes such as enhancing immune system, regulating endocrine to accelerate glycometabolism, promoting the functions of islet cells β, increasing the reactivity of insulin and inhibiting the production of insulin antibody. What’s more, these products coupled with the nutritional education you will receive can activate insulinogen to transform into insulin to control and change the symptom of your diabetes.

This simple and effective plan is based on delicious, healthful products that will start working right away, and starts you on the path to a long, happy, disease-free life.

If you have diabetes, begin your journey to an healthy life by getting the Diabetes Remedy Kit here.

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Stay Healthy And Never Give Up!


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