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Hello everyone. we are happy to really bring to your hearing yet another good news concerning our treatment. This one is from one of our numerous satisfied customers. You see, it is not our habit at Plan B Wellness to bombard you with every positive feedback from our clients. If we want to do that, it means we will not have time to write all those highly informative health articles you do receive from us on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, there are times when we feel we need to share some of our experiences with you especially if the case is an extreme one. Such, exactly, is what has happened here.

Around April this year, an elderly man called our official line from Ibadan to enquire about our treatment for Fibroid for his wife. We explained to him and we advised him to send his wife for scan and forward the scan result to our company’s email address. Precisely on April 26th, he sent the scan result and we replied with the appropriate category of our Fibroid Remedy Kit that will be required to take care of the type of fibroid the wife has.

You see, the scan result sent is one of the wao cases of Fibroids we have seen at Plan B Wellness Center. The scan shows 13 solid fibroid masses located in different parts of the woman’s uterus. The man also followed it up with the fact that they have tried all possible means ranging from herbal to orthodox treatment to get the fibroid treated, all to no avail.

Below is a copy of the scan result sent…

fibroid-scan-1-746x1024amazing fribroids treatment


After recommending the appropriate category of treatment for the woman, they paid to our company’s bank account. We sent their Kit to them and the woman commenced her treatment.

At Plan B Wellness Center, we regularly follow-up on everyone on our treatment in order to be aware of how they are fairing. What we noticed about this particular case is that the man will just reply simply that the treatment is going on fine for his wife. We never had a clear view of what was going on.

Sometimes last week, this man called to inform us that his wife was about to finish her treatment and we instantly told him to allow her to finish everything and then send her for scan so that we will know what has happened so far concerning the treatment. Just this morning, the man called to inform us about the scan and how happy they are as per the improvement so far.

Check the image below to see for yourself…

fibroid-scan-2-744x1024amazing fibroids treatment-1

In the course of 3 months of her treatment with our Fibroid Remedy Kit, the 13 masses of fibroid have been reduced to just 4 and her reproductive health has greatly improved. You see, only those who have difficulties with fibroid will appreciate the success here. You don’t want to know how it feels to have 13 giant masses of fibroid existing in your belly!!! Let me also inform you that the 2 scan tests are done in a single place for the sake on consistency and reliability.

This is the kind of positive result we achieve regularly at Plan B wellness from our numerous patients across the country and even beyond treating different kinds of health challenges. This is why we offer money-back guarantee on our treatment because we are sure of what we offer.

However, the treatment for this woman is not over yet. Our mission is to get everything cleared off her system in the next few weeks by God’s grace. This is something she has been struggling to achieve for several years plus the fact that she has spent huge amount of money on it. She achieved great result in just 3months of treatment with us and we are still not done with her yet.

We will work with this woman till she achieves her desire of no single fibroid mass in/around her uterus again.

We congratulate her on reclaiming her health back in the most natural way from fibroid. We also like to implore all women reading this to follow the natural course that will not have adverse effects on their health for fibroid treatment.

If you will like to ask us any question about our treatments, you can comment below. We will also be glad to have you share your experience about fibroid below.

Stay Healthy And Never Give Up!

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  1. Dear Sir,
    i came across your website when i was google how to treat fibroid because i was looking for a solution for my wife who has fibroid.
    After reading through your website information and testimonies i have seen that am at the right place to get away my wife fibroid for her.

    Let me know how to start the treatment by getting the products to start.
    Also i what to ask if you do have representative office in Ghana? if not then am very much interested to take this opportunity to be your representative in Ghana, immediately after the testimony of my wife.

    Thank and wait for your kind reply soonest.

  2. can we read more testimonies for more assurance purposes

  3. I have two Fibroid 7cm and 4cm,how much will it cause me to buy your remedy kit. How do I get it because I live in Abuja

  4. just dd a fibriod scan. though i was told to do it since july. the result – bulky multiple fibroid. what do i do next. d hospital is suggesting operation.

  5. Having serious bleeding during my periods coming out in clot.I had herbal medication but it worsten my condition I had to stop taking it.Dr advising me for removal,but I don’t want surgery.need tonhave more kids.pls I have fibroids and I really want them off me.what is the gurantee that the fibroid will be off and no side effect of what do ever.I have been following this site for long but have not optioned for treatment.doe the fibroids fall out or shrink during treatment.also do you give the books with the long does it treatment last.

  6. I pray all this testimonies are true because, I know how much I have spent on my sister’s fibroid issue, I will still try your drugs

  7. Pls how can you send it to china if I order for the herbs?

  8. pls ur whatsap contact so dt forwarding scan result will be easier. intramural/ subserosal fibroid causing heavy and prolong and irregular bleeding

  9. My scan result measures 22*11.5cm,then 150 fairly round masses noted within the uterine muscles. The largest 8.6*6.0cm intramural. The Subsetvsl mass Measures 4.7*5.0cm.there is film of fluid the endometral

    • @Grace,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      However, kindly note that we can’t recommend any treatment with scan reports sent in text format as you did above. Kindly forward the actual scan result to our email ( or bring it to our office for review and appropriate treatment recommendation.


  10. rosemary mobial // September 1, 2016 at 10:49 PM // Reply

    Can one pay in two instalment for the treatment

  11. I just had a very successful fibroid surgery in April (this year). i thank the God Almighty who showed me mercy and delivered me. About three months after, i started noticing a small lump in my stomach. Is it medically possible for fibroid to start growing immediately after surgery?

  12. Pls how do I locate your office. I live in Abuja.

  13. Good morning, i have a friend that has intracavity uterine fibroid of 64mmX54mm size, which category of treatment will be good for her?

    • Hello Juliet,

      Thanks for your enquiry but kindly note we do not accept scan reports sent in text format for treatment recommendation as what needs to be considered in recommending fibroid treatment category goes beyond the size only. So, you have to forward the original scan report/result to our email or bring it to our office.


  14. won’t fibroid come bk after treatment

    • @Anthonia,

      NO. You have control over that with our Ebook on diet that teaches you how to keep fibroid away from you for life.


  15. Please I want to know if you guys can cure bilateral ovarian cyst?

  16. Pls sir how much it will cost me

  17. I have uterine fibroid and I have been getting advise from my friends in the medical field suggesting I go for an operation as herbal drugs can have effect on my kidney or liver and may lead to other forms of sicknesses. Please what is the guarantee that after this treatment, I would not have another health issue to battle with? This is not about you making money as a business but about the life of a fellow human being, who may be your sister/wife/mother.

    • Hello Victoria,

      Kindly note that our drugs do not fall under the Category of the herbal drugs your friends are talking about. NAFDAC in Nigeria and FDA in the US will not certify any product that has potential side effect on humans and our drugs are certified by these 2 bodies and even more. What your friends might be referring to are, may be, locally made herbal concoctions.

      Currently, we have hospitals around the country making use of our drugs to treat their patients and with no side effects.
      This is the 3rd year we have been offering our products in Nigeria and over 15 years around the world and we have not witnessed any reported case of negative side effect as a result of taking our drugs from anyone.


  18. This is amazing and great. God is good

  19. Hi, pls what plan is good to remove 10.3cmx7.2cm intramural

  20. Pls I saw where u said pmt can be made twice, how much is d 1st Instalment? Pls reply

    • We accept instalment payment only for some treatments and not all. However, if your treatment falls under where you can pay twice, the minimum first instalment is 50% of the total cost of the treatment.


  21. What is the cost for the treatment

  22. Good day. Is it only after payment that you give out the treatment? Secondly can one pay in instalments? Waiting for your response

  23. I hope this your treatment doesn’t have any side effect, because have been hearing series of story about all these treatment?

  24. what if you have already been operated

  25. planbwellness // September 5, 2014 at 3:33 PM // Reply

    We are waiting for your questions and comments…bring them on

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